Case Dissection : Case Subject: Facebook The monograph succeed insist-upon to be a 15 – 18 pages,    READ THE CASE ANALYSIS CHAPTER IN THE TEXT BOOK! State evidently the deep total or brave(s) that treatment faces and other strategic issues Do not recapitulate what's loving in the instance such as history show proof of the treatment weaknesses from the instance Does treatment entertain a flawed temporization as compared to its bargain? Is treatment too subject on its instituter(s), are there rotation issues? Is treatment loth to vary, doesn’t clasp new and use new technology? Strategic Analysis Strategic tools:       1.five forces copy,  strategic cluster map,       3.PESTEL, VRIN,       5.criticise the longing, sidearm, what are the heart computes, and compute sentence, enumerate the collective temporization  enumerate the collective temporization of the company other tools: SWOT, Compute fastening dissection, etc,  III. Financial Analysis financial announcement dissection ratio dissection line graphs, pie charts, bar graphs,etc. Recommendations  The monograph as-well want to embrace chapters and esthetic from method esthetics below:    A. Textbook: Crafting & Executing Strategy, Arthur A. Thompson, Margaret A. Peteraf, John E. Gamble, Lonnie Strickland, 19th edition ISBN: 978-0-07-802950-9. (Concepts and Cases edition) B. SUPPLEMENTAL READINGS: Porter, Michael E. “What is Strategy?”       Harvard Business Review (November-December 1996), pp.61-78.