American history 2

For each passage of OB, you should discover the undiminished passage and obtain?} notes (which you accomplish slight use on the relative assignment, as polite as in your Final Exam studying and other line labor).  Once you accept perfect discovering the Chapter, you should contemplate at the “Post-Reading Questions” at the end of the Passage and CHOOSE ONE of the Post-Reading Questions counterpart. Alternatively, you can prefer the "Journal Option" (Option 3 adown). For each doubt set, you should transcribe a 1-2 page typewritten defense, life unfailing to use notification straightway from the documents themselves.  Each counterpart should too include at last one trodden passage from at last three of the origins referenced in the doubt (for a aggregate of at last three quotes).  Each doubt set’s counterpart is estimate a feasible 3 points.  Late Assignments accomplish NOT be trustworthy.   The doubts for Passage 9 (you should CHOOSE ONE to counterpart in 1-2 pages) are:  Pretend you are a journalist in the 1860s who has been asked to transcribe an season environing whether easterners should instigate to the west. Obtain?} either a pro or con illustration on this upshot and transcribe your season acceptably (either inoculate easterners to instigate west, or inoculate them not to), life unfailing to use inequitable examples and quotes from the elementary origin documents in this passage.