Health Information Documentation

Understanding Electronic Nod and Creating Height Lists In this item, you were introduced to electronic nod, height lists, lab results, and matter body refutation. For this assignment, you allure get to inform the skills you accept skilled by completing exertions using the Quippe software in the MyHealthProfessionsLab located in Blackboard. First, use the instructions for “Exercise 6G: Discharging a Unrepining after a timeliness Deep Vein Thrombosis” on page 245 of your textbook and “Exercise 7H: Unrepining after a timeliness Upper Abdominal Chest Pain” on page 298 of your textbook to thorough these exertions in the MyHealthProfessionsLab. Note: You do not accept to thorough tramp 4 in Exertion 6G or tramp 7 in Exertion 7H consequently you are not really submitting the result in the lab. After completing the exertions, adjust a thought brochure encircling your test that applies what you accept skilled in this item. In your brochure, be abiding to comprise the following: How was your overall test using the software to instrument the unrepining engagement? Did you test any issues timeliness using the software? Were you conducive to successfully thorough the hospital liberate instructions? What do you handle was most profitable encircling this exertion? How do you handle that using heights lists can succor you detail the direction insufficiencyed for a unrepining? What biased skills do you handle you accept mastered? What skills do you insufficiency to correct? Why are electronic nod and results main? How allure you use them in your line? Your thought brochure must be at lowest two pages in prolixity. You are not required to use any beyond instrument, but if you elect to fuse instruction from beyond instrument including your textbook, you must summon and regard them in APA format. Information encircling accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is granted beneath.