Unit V power point

 Unit VPowerPoint Exhibition Team Skills Grafting Exhibition Using your findings in the Unit IV Assignment, which describes a cunning on team skills grafting, intention a compelling grafting exhibition that you can use to series personnel in your parley or form. Your exhibition should expound how the form can apportion the cunning. Additionally, add points expounding and evaluating how the form can motivate employees, extension job amends, and curtail emphasis. Remember to use graphics and images in classify to pledge your parley, and get liberal presenter notes to afford point to your exhibition. Remember to stipulation slides to bullet points that you would in-fact use during a exhibition, and economize the notes exception for aid interpretation and evaluation of how the form accomplish use the cunning. Your exhibition should be a reserve of 10 slides in elongation, not including the heading and regard slides. All sources used, including the textbook, must be cited and regardd according to APA standards