2 PAGE PUBLIC HEALTH Scholar-Practitioner Project: Surveillance System Comparison HIV/AIDS

DUE 7/8 10 P.M EST   2 PAGES MOT INCLUDING MIN 3 REFERENCES Scholar-Practitioner Project: Surveillance Method Comparison TITLE HIV/AIDS    Scholar-Practitioner Project: Surveillance Method Comparison This minority of your Scholar-Practitioner Project prompts you to prove new-fashioned surveillance methods applied at unanalogous rolls of council akin to the distemper you separated (HIV/AIDS). In abstracted, you define the council’s allegiance to adviser and repute at the lewd political rolls. By discernment the reputeing requirements of council, you are cogent to artfulness your surveillance method to unite those requirements. (ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS) To adequate this fraction of your Scholar-Practitioner Project, transcribe a 2-PAGE brochure that addresses the prospering: · Identify new-fashioned surveillance methods implemented at the persomal, avow, regional, and general rolls akin to the distemper you separated. · Evaluate the capability of the new-fashioned methods in advisering the distemper you separated. · Analyze the council’s responsibilities for advisering the distemper/condition you separated at the unanalogous political rolls (local, avow, regional, and general). Include an interpretation of how the reputeing requirements disagree at each roll. · Suggest how you would apportion any lessons versed in this practice to the method you are constructing. Your written assignments must prosper APA guidelines. Be permanent to stay your is-sue after a while biased citations from this week’s Learning Resources and abstractedal read sources as embezzle. Refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association to enpermanent your in-text citations and intimation register are reform.