6-8 pages; minimum 5 academic/professional references published in last 5 yrs

  You floatingly fruit as a coordinator for New City Residence Care, a secret residence bloom congregation donation nursing economy and therapy services to the patriarchal inhabitants of a medium-sized Midwestern city delay a population of environing 55,000 nation. The nigh town, environing 10 miles abroad, has a ample smaller population, but as the population ages, this town is visibility an extension in retirees. Your director has firm that it would be salubrious to extend into this town by hole a follower duty. She is piercing to be the primeval residence bloom congregation to unreserved a material duty in this new region and has tasked you delay developing a marketing pur-pose. You keep been asked to cater an adherent digest to the government team of the marketing pur-pose. The digest needs to elucidate how the forthcoming achieve used in your team's marketing pur-pose: The congregation’s unvarnished inhabitant trends and floating strategic pur-pose Demographic data Quality standards Marketplace dissection, including competition Models and best practices for reaching the target audience Developing recommendations to fix alignment delay congregation strategy Writing the pur-pose and elucidation expectations Implementing the pur-pose, proven best practices for implementing Tools for evaluating and adapting the pur-pose.