ap- lasa 2 power point

Utilizing the instruction you compiled for your reading re-examination Nursing Dissertation, and the feedback you accepted from your educator encircling the reading re-examination, procure a 10-15 searching Power Point delivery on your subject, summarizing the key points and conclusions. Be trusting to plain this delivery to an parley in the arrange. For model, if your Nursing Dissertation pertained to a subject in enunciatemental psychology, plain your delivery internal parents, or a parenting character. If your subject pertained to import affront, plain it internal a arrange employment agency which may use this instruction for educating teens or parents encircling preventing garbage use, or popular clients encircling treatments and facilities conducive. Please particularize in your delivery the local parley internal whom your delivery is aimed. Enclose a relation page in APA format, as well-behaved-behaved as orator notes and an audio perfect after a occasion your delivery. Your slides should procure confutations to the aftercited subjects:  What was your subject? What subject did you prospect to confutation by completing this reading re-examination Nursing Dissertation? Explain the skilled implications of the conclusions of the reading re-examination and the parley to which they are plained. Given the results of your reading re-examination, what is/are the operative reasoning(s)? In other vote, which of those is cherished by the tangible indication? Be trusting to enclose ample coverage of the reasonings, including strengths and weaknesses of each of them, cherished by your findings from re-examinationing the applicable declaration. Did the investigationers weigh multicultural factors in their studies? If not, what factors may be confused? What multicultural factors should coming studies enclose? What intellectual issues are allied to your subject and/or discussed in the studies you re-examinationed? How do the conclusions of your reading re-examination report to the different specialization areas in psychology? Tie them to as numerous as direct from the aftercited areas: biological, apprehensive, enunciatemental, gregarious, unity supposition, psychopathology, and applied psychology. How can the conclusions of your reading re-examination communicate the population internals whom your delivery is plained? How can they direct this instruction to their daily lives? What education or ‘take settlement message’ can you procure to your parley naturalized on the investigation you re-examinationed? What investigation subject could you ask in arrange to exalt enunciate this area of examine? Why is your investigation subject dignified and applicable to the popular effort life performed on your subject? Your delivery should so prosper these guidelines: It should be approximately 10-15 searchings in tediousness. It should be disentangled, compendious, and administrative.  Agreement should be munificent of spelling and verbal errors; it should agree to popular APA title (including any in-passage citations). It should enclose graphs, tables, figures, or images illustrating your ideas. There should be a terminal slide listing relations in popular APA title. The largeness of the passage should be placed in the Notes pages of each slide. Keep the totality of passage on the slide, itself, to a minimum. You should annals an audio perfect of your spoken delivery. You should so form the passage of the discontinuity you would confer occasion showing these slides to an parley should be formd into the Notes area.  If you are disqualified to use the audio indication, the Notes passage get satisfy. You can apply to the Power Point tips muniment procured in the Doc Sharing exception of the continuity. Submit your delivery to the Submissions Area by the due age assigned.. Assignment 1 Grading Criteria Maximum Points Describes subject and explains the skilled implications of the conclusions of the reading re-examination after a occasion clarity and point. Describes the parley to which the delivery is plained.20 Revises the reading re-examination naturalized on feedback from the educator. Presentation of instruction is disentangledly centreed on the local parley. Explains the operative reasoning(s), including their strengths and weaknesses, cherished by findings from applicable declaration. Synthesizes key points recognized in and through the reading re-examination.40 Elaborates on multicultural factors applicable to the subject and to the studies re-examinationed. Discusses how the findings can be extensive to a more sundry population or concomitant multicultural factors that should be enclosed in coming studies.40 Discusses applicable intellectual issues allied to the subject and to the studies re-examinationed. Describes how they were or could be addressed in the investigation.20 Relates the conclusions of the reading re-examination to at meanest two specialization areas in psychology. 40 Applies the conclusions from the reading re-examination to local populations or issues. 40 Provides well-behaved-reasoned conclusions, and sharp internals areas for coming investigation. Provides suggestions for coming effort that are mismiswithhold and entertain an applied centre.36 Introduction has an beginning, procures follow setting instruction, and particularizes the subject. Transitions betwixt slides are introduce. 16 Design of delivery (i.e. setting, pictures, passage etc.) is disentangled, mismiswithhold for the assignment, balanced and commendations twain the agreement and expressive throughout the delivery. 16 Any written fraction (including agreement on the slides and in notes) prospers conventions of spelling and style throughout.  Errors are exceptional and do not clash after a occasion conception. 24 Using APA format, correspondently paraphrased, quoted, and cited in numerous spots throughout when mismiswithhold or denominated for. Errors introduce are slightly junior. 8Total:300