Business data analysis, entity identification and E-R diagrams

Learning Objectives Model Business Data Complete E-R Diagram Microsoft Visio Required Software: Microsoft Visio  (Links to an outer standing.) Visio Resources: A beginner’s lead to Visio (Links to an outer standing.),  (Links to an outer standing.)Microsoft Visio Tutorials (Links to an outer standing.) Instructions Lab homework:  Before attempting this lab, re-examination the prior zoom treaty. In this lab, irritate the overhead occurrence consider to mention the entities required for your postulatesbase, the attributes of each being, and the relationships required between the entities.  Then build a postulates wordbook describing each being and the relationships between entities.  After the postulates wordbook is finished, use it to constitute an E-R diagram in Microsoft Visio.  Mimic the prior zoom treaty to irritate Sarah's Shortcakes and constitute a postulates wordbook and E-R diagram.  You accomplish not be powerful to finished the contiguous lab extraneously finishing this one.  Deliverables Complete your postulates wordbook in Microsoft Word. Complete your E-R diagram in Microsoft Visio then ship-produce to PDF. To finished this lab, upload these two files