Data Management, Analytics, and Business Intelligence (one page)

  Consider your form or another form delay which you are household. Briefly draw the form, and then apology the forthcoming doubts: What do you fancy is one of the most thrilling uses of basisbase technology by this form? Why? Who benefits from this use? In what ways? Are there any downsides? Are there any affixed basisbase technologies (or uses of the identical technology) that you fancy this association should deliberate? Explain. As a interest superintendent, how can you effectively localize basisbase technologies to emend do your job? Embed passage esthetic concepts, principles and theories, which exact sustaining citations concurrently delay at smallest two read co-ordinate reviewed references in sustaining your apology. Keep in will that these read references can be fix in the Saudi Digital Library by conducting an tardy quest unfair to read references. You want to counterpart to at smallest two co-ordinates’ column apologys to this dismanner doubt. These replies want to be bulky and circumstantial in kind. They should add to the contenteded of the column and evaluate/analyze that column apology. Normal passage conversation doesn’t purport these two co-ordinate replies but is expected throughout the passage. Answering all passage doubts is as-polite exactd. Use Saudi Electronic University academic agreement standards and APA phraseology guidelines. Be indisputable to patronage your statements delay logic and evidence, citing all sources referenced. Column your moderate counterpart coming, and impede end repeatedly to live the discourse. Be indisputable to reply to your co-ordinates’ columns as polite.   Required Chapter 3 in Information Technology for Administration (attached) Brown, D. S. (2016, May 26). 7 reasons why you want a basisbase administration scheme. Retrieved from Maté, A., Trujillo, J., García, F., Serrano, M., & Piattini, M. (2016). Empowering global software fruit delay interest announcement. Information and Software Technology, 76, 81-91. McStravick, G. (2018, January 12). Opinion: The advenient is now: 2018 market predictions for basisbase and basis administration. Retrieved from Skyrius, R., Katin, I., Kazimianec, M., Nemitko, S., Rumšas, G., & Žilinskas, R. (2016). Factors driving interest announcement culture. Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology, 13, 171-186. Retrieved from Vera-Baquero, A., Colomo Palacios, R., Stantchev, V., & Molloy, O. (2015). Leveraging big-basis for interest system analytics. The Learning Organization, 22(4), 215-228.