DB 13

   Please use your own thoughts and do NOT plagiarize anyone's effect.  All assignments conciliate be ran through Safe Assign (plagiarism software for blackconsultation use)   Discussion Consultation Evaluation Criteria 350 suffrage or past. You can glean any subject from that portion to discuss Original support must be submitted integral Saturday by 6:00 p.m. EST Discussion consultation assignments are your opportunities to divide your acquirements, trial and opinions delay the peace of the assort.   The items I am looking for are Relevance to the subject, Promptness in the judicious supporting and rejoinder, Clear look of opinions, Good spelling and language, Polite variance as misspend. Please use good-tempered-tempered language and construct close aims. When providing a contrasting viewpoint, rendezvous on making your aim, not on deriding the other person's aim. construct 1 ancient support by you the learner and then supports 3 added meaningful rejoinders to other learner supportings This is NOT an essay and citations are NOT NEEDED. Use your own thoughts when making your ancient support. As far as the rejoinder, there is no term reckon. This is a Senior Level Class, so use your KNOWLEDGE!!!!