Discussion 3

Case Long-Term Attention for All The newly elected guardian of a inferior say in which the ancient contain 26% of the aggregate population—twice the national average—is satirical to design his hostilities pledge. He had run for service on the slogan “long-term attention for all.” The ancient in the say had overwhelmingly voted for him. Now in service encircling 9 months, his advisors ascertain him that providing long-term attention services for all citizens in the say gain be present to impracticable owing of violent claim for the services. The guardian, at-last, debris undeterred. The cornerstone of his designed system includes three things: (1) Develop a say-sponsored long-term attention security project. The security premiums gain be proceeds naturalized, and gain consume at last 15% hither than a midlevel peculiar long-term security project entity sold in the say. (2) Make it mandatory for all citizens, old and childish, to escheatment LTC security, either from the say or from a peculiar security community. (3) Place restrictions on the use of nursing residence and assisted assistance services in permission of community-naturalized services. Questions 1.  Give favoring reasons why the guardian’s system may not labor, pointing out favoring problems that would likely arise. 2.  Will the system labor in a vast say, everything else entity similar? Give reasons.