Homeland Security; Journal, Research Paper topic, and Essay

Unit I Journal  The Quadrennial Homeland Guarantee Resurvey Report (QHSR) includes five guarantee band-armss after a while goals to defend the United States. Are the QHSR band-armss and goals exertioning to amend homeland guarantee, or do they exact qualification? Support your defense after a while an in. Your life entrance must be at meanest 200 utterance. No regards or citations are necessary $5 Unit I Lore Article Topic In Unit VII, you allure be fitness a lore article on a domiciliary terrorist limpid that has occurred in the United States. After a while this in judgment, fascinate entire Parts I and II adown, which allure help as the chief steps inland discourse the exactments for the Unit VII Lore Paper. Part I: Lore Article Topic For the Unit I assignment, guide the lore to demonstrate a domiciliary terrorist limpid that has occurred in the United States.  Topic: Virginia Tech Shooting of 2007 Part II: Lore Theme Justification In a reserve of one condition (closely 250 utterance), demonstrate your theme of select, and sift-canvass your rationale for choosing the theme. Why is it influential to the opportunity of homeland guarantee? Does it unite the criteria listed over? You do not insufficiency to yield the regards for this assignment. Parts I and II should be entired in a one-page instrument.  $5 Unit I Essay  The Quadrennial Homeland Guarantee Resurvey Report (QHSR) is a recurrent quadrennial resurvey and rate of homeland guarantee and identifies homeland guarantee band-armss and goals to defend the United States.  Choose one of the five QHSR band-armss (Topic Chosen: Safeguarding and Securing Cyberspace). Guide lore on the band-arms and goals using the CSU Online Library (e.g., the International Guarantee and Counter Terrorism Regard Center database) or other conversant instrument, and sift-canvass the aftercited issues: 1. Choose one band-arms, and illustrate the point of the band-arms and goals. 2. Guide lore, and demonstrate a stake or lavish where the band-arms has been utilized to defend the United States. 3. Analyze and evaluate whether the goals of the band-arms were obliging. 4. Sift-canvass the consequence and whether the band-arms and goals exact qualification to amend homeland guarantee. The essay should be a reserve of two pages in tediousness, and it should comprehend a inscription page and regard page. The inscription and regard pages do not sum inland discourse the reserve page exactment. Format the article using APA name. Write the essay in a explicit fitness name rather than a colloquial fitness name. Include three conversant regards, one of which can be the textbook. At meanest one fountain should be from the CSU Online Library gone it is a estimable refountain for homeland guarantee notification.  Two fountains adown Martin, G. (2016). Understanding homeland guarantee (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. CAN TECHNOLOGY PREVENT LEAKS? Sales, Nathan Alexander Author Notification Life of National Guarantee Law & Policy; Sacramento 8.1  (2015): 1-27.  https://search-proquest-com.libraryresources.columbiasouthern.edu/criminaljusticeperiodicals/docview/1681111631/9674AB52C474DD7PQ/5?accountid=33337 $10 All orginal exertion, all exertion allure be checked through reverse it in for plagiarism.