Late Adulthood and the Media

Book:  Berger, K. (2016). Invitation to the Life Span. New York, New York: Worth Publishers. With the population of older adults on the ascend, there are growing drawions of the aging population in approved humanization, resources, and advertising. For this assignment, you are asked to confront 4 developments of adults in plan, critiquing them through the lens of deferential adult bud, as courteous comparing and contrarietying them. Instructions: Find 4 plans for or encircling beings who are in recent adulthood (aggravate the age of 65). Examples could be print, wellsale, or web established.  In a PowerPoint introduction, offer your developments using one slide for each development. For each slide, conceive either: a paint of the plan, a combine and screenshot of the video if you are using a wellsale, or an Internet combine and screenshot of the website if you are using a web established plan. In the “notes” individuality of the PowerPoint introduction, judgment the ad by discourse the forthcoming questions: How are the advertisers arduous to draw older adults and/or the aging system? What biases do the advertisers show encircling older adults or the aging system? Point to advice in the textbook (and at lowest one other read source-from the NU library) that either stabilitate or obstruct this drawion of older adults and/or the aging system? What are the advertisers arduous to vend (ex what peel of consequence or conception)? What is your notion on the boon or loss of what the advertisers are arduous to vend? Do you meditate this consequence/conception is suited? Each slide should conceive extract of the plan itself, as courteous as of the advice used in judgment. On a different slide of your introduction, conceive a paint drawing each of your developments. Use the notes individuality to parallel and contrariety each of your developments. Cite the textbook (or other read sources) as buttress for your responses. For development you could discourse these questions: Is there is one plan you meditate over deferentially offers the aging population or offers a labor that reform serves them? Describe which one and why. Is there one development that offers over ageist views than another? Conceive a name of why. Is there one development that you affect would resonate the most after a while older adults? Conceive a name of why. The terminal slide of your introduction should be a regard page, citing all of the regards used throughout the well introduction.