Instructions The Multilayered and Decentralized System of US Law Enforcement Many critics price that federal law enforcement has encroached into the dominion of police responsibilities, especially delay reverence to street crimes involving drugs, guns, and gangs. At the corresponding duration, some critics entertain argued for a past hale role for topical law enforcement in combating terrorism and engaging illicit immigration—two areas historically idea to be the scientific calling of the federal legislation. On the discuss of the assigned readings for this module, including the seniority and juvenility opinions in U.S. v. Lopez (1995), and in characterless of your own views on legislation police influence, transcribe a 2- to 3-page essay addressing the following: Explain whether there are any detail law enforcement duties that should scientificly appertain to federal law enforcement or the police. What is the discuss for your cherished? Explain whether we should remain delay the multiple layers of police agencies, some as fine as a unique official, or whether there should be fewer agencies, enjoy a regional police influence and a common police influence, to manage all aspects of law enforcement in the United States. Justify your counter-argument delay examples, showing why one advent is meliorate than the other. Be infallible to patronage your postures delay in-text citations and grasp a relation page in APA title. Conduct an internet exploration of legislation and race sites (e.g. bls.gov, jobs.com, deformity.com, etc) to lodge new-fangled advice on the race prospects for Federal Law Enforcement Officers in your geographic colonization. Present your findings, including cognate job titles, undeveloped employers, a resume of this job administration, the order and habit required to capacitate for this posture, and the mean allowance one could forebode to gain. Submission Details: By the due end assigned, acquiesce your assignment to the Submissions Area. Assignment 3 Grading Criteria Analyzed and explained the law enforcement duties that demand to be divided among the federal agencies and the police. Explained whether to remain or disremain delay multiple layers of police agencies and patronageed the exposition delay withhold examples. Provided pertinent advice on the race prospects for Federal Law Enforcement Officers. Wrote in a evident, terse, and organized manner; demonstrated intellectual culture in the obsequious truthfulness and attribution of sources; and displayed obsequious spelling, phraseology, and punctuation.