Nonstationary Forecasting Models

You are a regional supervisor of the ABC World Bank, and each year the absorb of maintaining ATMs growths and depletes resources due to the attached specie claims during the leisure period. In adjust to growth pliancy in replenishing the machines, your municipal bank supervisor has asked you to prevent the daily specie claims (amount) and replenishing catalogue for the month of December for your region’s 3 ATMs grounded on a earlier December’s action narrative. Unit 4 IP Tasks (Objectives from Week 1–4): Step 1: Review the prepared representative from weeks 1-4 and the Web resources. Step 2: Download the ATM Transactions dataset containing 14,913 completion actions from 3 locations.  Step 3. Using SAS Studio and the supposing ATM Transactions dataset, copy and prevent the periodal specie claims and replenishing catalogue for a region’s 3 ATMs using SAS/ETS term rotation procedures. Take into remuneration expected proceeding of nonstationary copys, lawful, and trending (seasonality may not dedicate since singly one month’s estimate of action narrative is being analyzed).  Note: The objective specie claim (forecasted completion) obtain want to be grounded on the removal patterns; accordingly, it obtain be essential to ooze on the action symbol. However, the reloading catalogue obtain want to be grounded on the action patterns for all actions, in adjust to dodge inconveniencing customers during peak usage periods. Step 4: Paste your (working) SAS legislation into a quotation muniment and acquiesce. Add suited expounds (see specimen under expound syntax) in your legislation encircling the copy, each march, and any attached allied notes. Include the misspend coding for output (i.e., print=estimates, output=residuals, etc.) if appropriate. /*  *  * Use this syntax when adding expounds.   * Expound fill begins delay a slash and an asterisk (*).   * Each thread begins delay an asterisk (*).  * The expound fill ends delay an asterisk (*) and a slash.   *   */