Power Point/APA

Instructions: Develop a Carriage Correction Delineation (PIP) Presentation for a carriage of your rare. Do not embrace any enclose, secret or secret notification in your delineation. Your PIP should embrace setting encircling the carriage, its products and services, markets, and strategies (e.g., bald carriage). Also delineate its exoteric consignment flows and coming consignment flows following implementation of one or past of your recommended correction projects would be executed. Use a multi-year delineationning horizon.   Length: Minimum of 20 and acme of 25 slides, including cloak slide and references Style: Power Point, functional name, Appropriate APA citations     Example Template for PIP 1.Background notification encircling the carriage: activity classification; markets, precipitation, # of employees, products & services, suppliers, other connected notification 2.What are the carriage’s strategic goals? 3.What are the strengths of the carriage? 4.What are the weaknesses of the carriage? 5.What metrics does the carriage localize? 6.What correction initiatives and innovations has it implemented? 7.What correction initiatives and innovations should it deem? 8.What should be the contiguous trudge be to better the carriage? 9.Provide axioms from the occurrence to supcarriage your conclusions as inevitable.      Compare your furnish obligation to an specimen, scale, benchmark, or best exercitation.