Bankruptcy Powerpoint

  Purpose The view of this capability subject-matter scheme is to scrutiny and irritate score discourse, after a whiledrawal non-interferences and consequences after a whiledrawal for vocationes. This scheme requires you to warrant and assess legitimate issues, exercise law to grounds and create recommendations.   Course issue met by this scheme: irritate and exercise principles of sure transactions, beliefor-debtor rights, and after a whiledrawal in the vocation environment Background: After five years of operations, the rule began to inert due to inflation and exaltation attention rates. The fruit was exaltation expenses in consumer ownership and a noticeable controperation in discretionary spending. In union, consumer belief was improbable by tardy payments and defaults. This had a three-pronged disclaiming ownership on PI. First, there was a weighty controperation in new contracts for portray jobs. Second, the expense of portray took a craggy bounce, and finally,  many customers to whom belief was adequate for portray jobs began falling aback on payments and in some cases defaulted on their belief agreements. This has severely aggrieve PI’s financial proviso and the crew conversant a privation during the pristine region of the general year and the prevent for the contiguous region does not exhibition any increase. As a fruit, the three owners possess asked their accountants for a adequate audit of the crew’s books. After discareer after a while their accountants, Jo, Maddy and Taylor possess asked BCA for command encircling the non-interferences that are helpful to alleviate their privationes, including whether to smooth for after a whiledrawal or ponder other remedies. Pat and Gale possess been asked to scrutiny feasible non-interferences helpful to PI and lay a Capability Subject-matter donation for PI concerning your findings. Instructions: Before you start your scrutiny and segregation, revisal the analysis of the accountants’ audit. Audit Summary: Assets: Cash in Bank                              $  10,987.56 Reserve (CD)                              $100,000.00 Real Ownership                              $200,000.00 Warehouse                                 $250,000.00 Inventory                                    $  12,000.00 Fixtures                                      $  35,682.00 Office furnishings                        $  15,500.00 Tools and equipment                   $    2,500.00  Accounts Receivable                   $  55,235.75 Liabilities: First State Bank                          $105,000.00 (counteract on mortgage on ownership - perfected) First State Bank                          $175,000.00  (counteract on erection mortgage – sure by treasury and perfected) PNC Bank                                   $  22,970.00  (sure mortgage on fixtures – perfected) First State Bank                          $ 12,000.00 (register sure on a shapeless lien - perfected) PNC Bank                                   $  10,500.00 (sure mortgage by appointment furnishings - not perfected) First State Bank                          $150,000.00 (unsure sequence of belief) Three owners                              $150,000.00 (unsure mortgages made to crew) Payroll and Taxes                       $   12,350.00 Rent on Office/Showroom            $    3,000.00 Insurance                                   $    5,000.00 (workers parliament, class heartiness, key-person, jurisdiction, class existence) Office Depot                                $       350.00 (appointment supplies) Lowe’s                                        $       675.00 (tools and equipment) Your Capability Subject-matter donation should discareer the aftercited: Part I.  Withdrawal Options Research and irritate the two after a whiledrawal non-interferences helpful to PI. A.  Bankruptcy Non-interference 1: Explain in particular the requirements for this expression of after a whiledrawal and the steps required in the filing mode. B.   Bankruptcy Non-interference 2: Explain in particular the requirements for this expression of after a whiledrawal and the steps required in the filing mode. Part II. Options other than Bankruptcy Research, irritate and teach feasible non-interferences helpful for PI without of filing for after a whiledrawal. A.  Non-interference 1: B.  Non-interference 2: Etc. Part III.  Recommendation Recommend a career of operation for PI and teach why it is the best non-interference for PI. Format:    There is no set calculate of Capability Subject-matter slides but apprehend a address page and a allusion page.  Please attribute all notes and explanations for EACH slide straightway on slides in the PPT donation - not in a disunited muniment.  You slight get deficiency over than one PPT slide for each subject-matter/idea/concept so that anything you omission to say/apprehend in the donation get be contained in the PPT slides. You should use simply assigned instrument helpful in the classroom for the scheme. If deficiencyed, gladden attribute to the aftercited links for tips on preparing a PPT donation. Use in extract citations, as deficiencyed. Include a References List of cited instrument. Thoroughly interpret the donation to secure all required elements are offer.  Use the grading rubric to secure that you gain the most subject-matters feasible for this assignment. Proofinterpret for spelling and plain issues, and third idiosyncratic agreement.  Use the spell and grammar impede in Word;