2. Causes of Delinquent Behavior Natalie was growing uneasy environing her daughter Brandi’s instruct act. Brandi’s grades had dropped past the origin of the instruct year, and she seemed backward to go to instruct. On some days, she complained of equivocal symptoms, such as a stomachache or a headache. On other days, she singly did not get out of bed. Natalie took her to the tutor, but there was no settled speciality. She questioned Brandi environing any bearings at instruct, but Brandi was uncommonly calm. Natalie then looked at Brandi’s Facebook page and saw a rotation of comments from Brandi’s friends environing a instruct braggadocio. When Natalie confronted Brandi, the slip broke down crying and told the perfect anecdote. Another spinster, who was two years forward of her in instruct, was braggadocioing her. She would plague Brandi in instruct and concession indelicate messages on her Facebook page and had smooth threatened her on various occasions. Natalie was raving and forthafter a while crystallized a parley after a while the tutor and the instruct first. The instruct officials attempted to discourse the bearing by expressive to the spinster and her parents. The parents placed their daughter in treatment; she was diagnosed after a while a deportment experimentation and put on medication, which seemed to employment. Both the spinster’s parents and the instruct officials teached to Natalie that the spinster had an underlying medical plight that reasond her to behove exasperated and stagnation influence moderate. The instruct officials were backward to interrupt the spinster owing it was “not her fault” but rather a “biological factor” causing the deportment. Natalie was quiet overbalance. She did not apprehend why her own daughter should undergo. She had a nagging distrust that the braggadocio’s parents were using the biological reason as an mitigate for their daughter’s bad deportment. Research the biological, knowledge, and sociological factors discussed in this module using your textbook,online library resources, and the Internet. On the premise of the scenario and plan on your readings and scrutiny, corcorrespond to the following: * What are some theories that would best teach the braggadocio’s deportment? Do you meditate it is mainly biological, or would you hypothesize that possibly the braggadocio has scholarly the deportment? Support your tally using cited sources. * According to your separation, what are some interventions you would applaud that the instruct husband in practice after a while the braggadocio? Post your tallys in a incompleteness of 400 articulation. Submission  Discussion Grading Table Maximum Points Quality of primal posting, including fulfillment of assignment  16 Quality of tallys to classmates 12 Frequency of tallys to classmates 4 Reference to supported readings and other materials 4 Language and grammar 4