Case Assignment

   Choose a elder strengthening and at lowest two activity leaders to evaluate give obligation administration. Be permanent to disrace key components we own experienced among the continuance of our race and other standpoint areas.    Key areas to standpoint on as well: Principles of Give Obligation Management    Principle 1: Segment Customers Based on Service Needs    Principle 2: Customize the Logistics Network    Principle 3: Listen to Signals of Market Demand and Intention Accordingly    Principle 4: Differentiate Products Closer to the Customer    Principle 5: Source Strategically    Principle 6: Develop a Give Chainwide Technology Strategy Prepare a relation to disrace all aspects of the subject study/assignment.  This relation should be no hither than 10 pages of pleased.  You demand to understand beyond sources and uprightly name and regard your sources.  You must own at lowest 10 regards, 5 of which must be skilled peer-reviewed subscription.  In attention to the 10 pages of pleased, you procure shortness a epithet page and a regard sheet.  This relation demands to be in appropriate APA format. Key areas to standpoint on are: Vision, mission, ethics, crave engagement intention, ROI, evaluate the give obligation administration, two-of-a-trade, losses, gains, and, what are some of the elder challenges and issues facing give obligation in the forthcoming delay the strengthening you own selected, conclusion of the elder strengthening.