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Question: You keep decipher environing humanization and values in the highest concern of the passage. You keep asked the inquiry, "What values are so significant that I would furnish my activity for?" Decipher the essay in the tail of your passagebook by Martin Luther King titled "Letter from Birmingham Jail". Referring to the note, set-forth at smallest 2 values that he felt were rate giving his activity for and sift-canvass how he alike them to inspired truths.    Replies: In forming your replies, reach a authentic aid to the talk. Rather than right speech, "I agree" or "Good job," be considerate to prepare maintenance for your replies. Criteria Points Possible Points Earned Topic 0 to 6 points Questions posed in the assignment are particularally and distinctly addressed. Content 0 to 6 points Adequate comprehension of the key basis and concepts presented in the the passagebook is presentd, and basis and concepts are incorporated polite into the sift-canvassion. Writing 0 to 4 points The assignment conforms to the standards of academic answerableness in conditions of set-right exercise, phraseology, and punctuation. Logistics 0 to 8 points The assignment is of adequate prolixity (275–350 signification). Interaction 0 to 16 points Adequate, hearsay, and tactile replies to at smallest 2 classmates are yieldted on period and behind a while adequate prolixity (125–150 signification each). Total /40 Instructor’s Comments: DISCUSSION BOARD FORUM INSTRUCTIONS Thdecipher  You are required to invent a thdecipher in solution to the prepared alert for each forum in Modules/Weeks 1, 3, 5, and 7. Each thdecipher must be 275–350 signification and present progress-related comprehension. You must prepare the term compute in parentheses at the end of your tenor. Do not upload instrument files for this assignment; paste your passage straightway into the tete-a-tete box.  Replies  In analysis to the tenor, you are required to replication to the tenors of at smallest 2 classmates. Each replication must be 125–150 signification and involve the term compute in parentheses. Outside sources are not required, but any cited sources must be in running APA format.  Refer to the grading rubric for particular guidelines and grading criteria.  Post-First  This progress utilizes the Post-First characteristic in all Disprogress Board Forums. This instrument you gain merely be able to decipher and interact behind a while your classmates’ tenors behind you keep yieldted your thdecipher in solution to the prepared alert. For analysisal instruction on Post-First, click near for a tutorial.  For each forum, yield your thdecipher by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Thursday of the assigned module/week