Week 7     Evaluation      Resources     Readings  Day 1    Garthwait, C. L. (2017). The gregarious production practicum: A regulate and productionbook for students (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. o Chapter 3, “Learning from Supervision” (pp. 28-40) Day 2     Thyer, B. A. (2013). Evidence-based exercise or evidence- regulated exercise: A rose by any other call would smell as saccharine [invited repartee to Gitterman & Knight’s “evidence- regulated exercise”]. Families in Society, 94(2), 79–84.     Wharton, T. C., & Bolland, K. A. (2012). Practitioner perspectives of evidence-based exercise. Families in Society, 93(3), 157–164. Media Day 1     Laureate Direction (Producer). (2013). Evaluation [Audio rasp]. Retrieved from       Assignment 1     Week 7 Blog  Referring to your system recording from conclusive week, infer the topics experienced in this week’s resources, and fuse them into your blog.  Post  a blog shaft that includes: I succeed shaft it   An description of how you feel harangueed evaluation or how you might harangue evaluation in your arena direction experience