criminal justice power point

Assignment: Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® gift after a while 12 to 15-slides, add Speaker Notes of at smallest 100 words for each slide. Include at smallest 3 visuals, such as diagrams, images, or matrices, in your gift.  Address all of the topics largely in your gift.    Your gift should regard at smallest 2 peer-review raze record declaration. Formatting  An initiate slide after a while your spectry, arrange spectry and reckon and end of inferiority is not middle in the slide enumerate. The Speaker Notes on a ultimate slide titled “Resources” should be used to cogitate the liberal APA quotation of all wealths. (Note: There should be an in-text quotation in the Speaker Notes narrative wherever a livelihoodive wealth is regardd.) No quickly quoted esthetic may be used in this scheme disquisition. Select one of the three Case Studies under -- These are for illustration purposes solely and are NOT the standpoint of this scheme.  Using Power Point slides, relate the manner that the delinquent would go through in the wrong impartiality order, opening after a while hold. For purposes of this assignment you are to affect that the delinquent accomplish be thus-far convicted and judgmentd. Include all of the steps in the wrong impartiality manner after to instinct, providing as abundantly component encircling the role and part of each step as you can. Determine the presumable judgment the delinquent accomplish take, (institutionalization or order-based supervision) Explain why the judgment you enjoy separated would most likely arise, and what the delinquent can foresee in unsteady of this judgment. Provide a presumable opinion to the clarified judgment, largely explaining “why” this opinion could to-boot arise and whether an opinion would bear “justice” to the prey and the order. Conclude the gift by discussing what you judge to be the weakest merge in the wrong impartiality manner and the strongest merge in the manner. ‘Provide explanations to livelihood your assessments for twain. Case Study 3 – Arson and Murder Watch the aftercited YouTube video. Following an commendatory condition, your scheme assignment should initiate after a while the hold of the Brandon Bledsoe OR Heather Raferty.