final assignment

  For diverse weeks you feel been clearing faculty of your Final Project: Subsidence Plan. This comprised selecting a deal-outicular digital technology subject and a deal-outicular clearmental age order. You surrenderted each deal-out to your preceptor for feedback. Now is your accident to inaugurate incorporating that feedback and combining the divergent faculty into one gelatinous instrument. You obtain also clear a PowerPoint offer in which you demonstrate key points of your Subsidence Plan. For this week, you obtain cement the feedback you common from your preceptor for Faculty 1, 2, and 3, and surrender your Final Project: Subsidence Plan. To Prepare for this Final Project Assignment: Review and cement your preceptor’s feedback you common from Faculty 1, 2, and 3 of your Final Project: Subsidence Plan. For this Final Project: Subsidence Plan Assignment: Your Final Project should stop of a 6- to 8-page Nursing essay (beside epithet page and intimation page) and a 5-slidePowerPoint offer. Your Nursing essay integrates Faculty 1, 2, and 3 into the 6-8 page gelatinous instrument. At a restriction, the Final Project Assignment should embrace notice that: Defines the subject bearing Describes the clearmental age order and apt multiformity factors Explains clearmental and psychical risks associated after a while demand to oration the subject bearing Illustrates the role of digital technology (twain benefits and drawbacks) as deal-out of the subject bearing and/or subsidence plan Documents diverse strategies to calm the subject bearing Addresses the express gregarious modify implications Provide literary buttress for your statements and assertions. Be indisputable that you use constitutional APA shape and mode for your extract, citations, and intimations. The PowerPoint slides should oration the aftercited (one slide for each): The Issue/Topic Bearing and Developmental Age Group/Diversity Factors The Role of Digital Technology Digital Technology Benefits and Drawbacks Mitigation Plan Positive Gregarious Modify Implications for your Group previous Nursing essays written posted after a while assignment