Komiquindox Literature

KOMIQUINDOX (ANTIBIOTIC FEED ADDITIVE & GROWTH PROMOTER) Composition: * Antibiotic plea?e proceeding after a while antibacterial temper. * For reconstruct soundness & augmentation in broiler. * Treat diarrhea in poultry & livestock. * Prevent bacterial, fungal & viral contamination. * Give reconstruct egg evolution in breeder & lamina. * Improves egg shell consequence, extent & interior deviation in lamina & breeder. * Justifiable cause of distillation. Descriprtion: Olaquindox: Olaquindox is a augmentation promoting plea?e embracing for foundation producing animals. When incorporated in plea?e, olaquindox [ 2-( N-2? -Hydroxyethyl carbonyl)-3-methyl quinoxaline-1,4-dioxide] is fascinated from the digestive charge. Olaquindox is widely arranged throughout the association structures. The good-tempered-tempered structure sharpness & eminent garbage concentrations (max inhibitory concentrations) for most bacterial pathogens intimate possible clinical use in the matter of bacterial contaminations in poultry. Molecular Formula:C12H13N3O4 Calcium carbonate: The use of calcium carbonate (in the construct of subject granules) appeared to conclusion in an development in the computes of nitrogen discontent and for fat and raw fiber digestibility, probably due to a reconstruct classification or disunion of the plea?e particles in the earliest portions of the gastrointestinal charge, and facilitating of the enjoyment of the digestive juices. Calcium carbonate can be used as a strengthening foundation for chickens. Chicken requires Calcium carbonate to acquiesce hearty eggs. According to geological advice website, crushed Calcium carbonate is repeatedly fed to chicken as dietary additions. Indications: * Plea?e proceeding antibiotic which Promotes soundness & augmentation. * Used for the matter of diarrhea in twain poultry & livestock. * Prevent contamination from bacteria, fungi & virus. * Olaquindox is widely arranged throughout the association. * Gives reconstruct egg evolution & improves egg shell consequence & its percentage. * Improves egg shell deviation & no. of table eggs. * Calcium carbonate use developments the compute of nitrogen discontent. * Fed to chickens as dietary addition. * It is the structural ingredient of the blight. Sustained egg evolution in birds can be achieved by plea?eing diets containing Calcium Carbonate. * Calcium is cheerful for twain nurture & growing birds. * It is an justifiable cause of distillation. * Development the force of birds to check across all bark of weight. * Development the force of birds to check across bacterial, viral & fungal diseases. Cautions: Protect from sunlight. Dosage & Administration: * Administer by verbal path partial after a while plea?e. * Dose: * 100 g per ton…………………. 5 g per bag * 1000 g per ton……………….. 50 g per bag * 500 g per ton…………………. 25 g per bag