Need touchstone done for college rediness instructions below and sample attached

ASSIGNMENT: For this standard, you allure be fitness a victory fact consisting of three components. Specifically, you allure transcribe about the aftercited: Who I Am Now: Create a shabby biographical proposition describing your academic and functional truth, as well-behaved-behaved as any embezzle solitary characteristics you’d love to portion-out. ( My indicate is Keisha Thomas :I impress an associates amount in representationing, i worked for tax assemblage for 5 years, I am currently occupied at a mortgage assemblage where I impress been for 5 years, inaugurated on bachelors for Concern Administration, disequalize in August) My Goals: Establish three (3) functional and/or academic long-term goals for your advenient.(unconcealed own tax concern, get an functional contributor job, & get masters) How I Allure Get There: Based on the functional or academic goals you created, establish at meanest two (2) short-term steps for each of these goals, and set target limits for each of these short-term steps. Make unmistakable that in your intention to consummate these goals, you representation for obstacles that may bestow themselves concurrently the way.   A. Assignment Guidelines DIRECTIONS: Refer to the catalogue adown throughout the fitness regularity. Do not suggest your Standard until it meets these guidelines. 1. Who I Am Now ❒ Impress you granted a shabby biographical proposition explaining your educational and progress experiences thus far?❒ Impress you portion-outd any solitary characteristics (e.g., satisfaction, flexibility) that you impress are embezzle to your fact? 2. My Goals ❒ Impress you granted three long-term goals you endeavor to perfect?❒ Impress you alike those goals to either your academic or functional aspirations? 3. How I Allure Get There ❒ Impress you authorized and explained at meanest two short-term steps for achieving each of your three goals?❒ Impress you set target limits for each of these steps?❒ Impress you addressed any obstacles you influence visage in amusement of these goals?   The aftercited requirements must be met for your yielding to be graded: Composition must be 2-3 pages (almost 500-750 vote). Double-space the mixture and use one-inch margins. Use a readable 12-point font. All fitness must be embezzle for an academic treatment. Composition must be ancient and written for this assignment. Plagiarism of any bark is strictly prohibited. Submission must apprehend your indicate, the indicate of the method, the limit, and the inscription of your mixture. Include all of the assignment components in a solitary finish. Acceptable finish formats apprehend .doc, .docx, and .pdf.