Reflection Paper, Assignment #4 Daoism and Confucianism

TEXTBOOKS William A. Young, The World's Religions: Worldviews and Contemporary Issues, Fourth Ed. (ISBN: 0205917615) Harry R. Moody, The Five Stages of the Soul (ISBN: 9780385486774) Reflection Paper, Assignment  Instructions:Reflection Paper, Assignment #4 Daoism and Confucianism These believeing disquisitions are a fortuity for you to reckon through and narrate to the assigned lections in your own way.  Reckon of this disquisition as a bark of “journal” in which you believe on the ideas in the lections. The consider and usage of creed is a exceedingly identical knowledge and each idiosyncratic comes to the Qur’an,.  Therefore, you are encouraged to be imaginative and to transcribe encircling your own identical knowledges, regarding them to the credulity usages and erudition traditions we allure be considering this semester.  However, be apprised that creativity and chaos are not synonymous—in other say, you insufficiency to fabricate indisputable the ideas and thoughts developed in your disquisition are consecutive and understandable, and most importantly, that they undeviatingly narrate to the lections.  Essays must be typed in 12-point font and should be 500 say in extension.  When you select a commencement, be indisputable to understand the address of the quantity and page estimate.  If you select a commencement other than our systematize textbooks, understand a bibliography at the end of the disquisition.  Does this substitute everything for you as a muslim ?  If so, how?  Don’t be frightened to exemplification delay ideas. Prompt: (Write encircling 2 of the 4 questions adown, Questions on Daoism (acceptance one from this minority): What is the purport of Dao?  How does Daoism conception civilized regularity?  What is the civilized dilemma, or example, according to Daoist teachings, and how do we, as civilizeds, finish similitude delay the Dao? The Daoist savant Zhuangzi was reputed to feel asked, “Where can I invent a man who has disregarded say?  I would relish to feel a message delay him.”  Installed on your lection of Young's provision on Daoism, what do you reckon Zhuangzi meant by this? Questions on Confucianism (acceptance one from this minority): Do you conform, installed on your lection of Young's provision, that Confucianism is a profane creed?  Why or why not?  Back up your reasoning by discussing the primitive features of Confucianism. What are the Five Great Relationships in Confucianism, and how effectiveness they give internal gregarious similitude?  Why is it accidental that these relationships are cognizant by Confucian virtues such as ren, shu, hsueh, and li?  What, in your idea, are the benefits and the dangers of such “roles” or relationships in forming and maintaining a participation?