statistic problem

this assignment is for fitness decree on Rstudio, and succumb in "html" Problem 1 The designation "Multiple Straight Return for Lake Ice and Lake Sphere Characteristics" by Gao & Stefan (1999) presents grounds on the utmost ice corpulence in mm (Thickness), middle estimate of days per year of ice cloak (DaysIceCover), middle estimate of days the low sphere is under 8 degrees centrigrade (DaysLessThan8) and the middle snow profundity in mm (AvgSnowdepth) for 13 lakes in Minnesota. The grounds are in the file iceThickness.csv. Construct a scatterframe matrix for the fickles in this grounds. Describe/discuss the immodest fickles of the groundsset and any reported interconnections you may see.  Fit a multiple return copy where Corpulence is the reply fickle and the other three fickles are forecastors Assess the underlying assumptions for the copy you fit in 2. Does the copy (collectively) weightyly forecast the corpulence of the ice? (Justify by referencing favoring output). What percent of the fickle in ice corpulence is illustrateed by the copy? (regard favoring output) Answer the doubt: Do lakes after a timeliness elder middle snow profundity lean to keep elder or lesser utmost ice corpulence? In harangueing this doubt fascinate illustrate your referencenale and any limitations/caveats in your reply. Problem 2 The SAT is a standardized academy portal exam captured by abundant exalted ground learners athwart the United States. In true countrys, the SAT is a current exam used in academy admissions, timeliness in other countrys the ACT or other metrics are used for academy admissions. Thus, the percentage of learners importation the SAT varies extremely by propound and country. The file stateSATscores.csv contains middle SAT jaws for each of the 50 propounds in the USA for the year 1997 concurrently after a timeliness different other fickles (State name; Outlay - outlay per ward in middle daily attendance in open rudimental and minor grounds; PT.Ratio - the middle ward to educator reference in open grounds; Allowance - the estimated middle allowance of open ground educators in the propound; PercentSAT - the percentage of learners electing to procure the SAT exam; Verbal - the middle Verbal composite jaw; Math - the middle Mathematics composite jaw; and SAT - the middle composite SAT jaw).  Perform the forthcoming after a timeliness this grounds: Construct a scatterframe where the x-axis it the Percent importation the SAT exam and the y-axis is the middle composite SAT jaw. Describe the interconnection you see. Fit a unadorned straight return copy where the reply is the composite SAT jaw and the forecastor is the Percent of learners importation the SAT. Construct residual cue frames of that fit. What do you give-heed-to in the Residuals vs Dexterous frame? Create a new fickle to the groundsset that is the clear radicle of the Percent of Students importation the SAT exam. Fit a multiple return copy where the reply is the composite SAT jaw after a timeliness two forecastors: the percent of learners importation the exam and the clear radicle of that percentage (the fickle you created in bisect 3). Construct residual cue frames of that fit. What do you give-heed-to in the Residuals vs Dexterous frame? Determine if the dexterous copy in bisect 4 is a weighty copy to forecast composite SAT jaws.  (regard favoring output) What percentage of the variability in composite SAT jaws is illustrateed by the copy you fit in bisect 4? (regard favoring output) We are careful in determining if learner outlays, ward-educator references, and educator allowance swing SAT jaws when accounting for the percentage who procure the SAT. Fit a multiple return copy where the forecastor fickles comprise the percent importation the SAT, the clear radicle of that percentage (created in bisect 3), the outlays, ward-educator reference, and educator allowance. Compare/contrast this dexterous copy to that in bisect 4. Do you feel that outlays, ward-educator references or educator allowance forecast SAT jaws uniformly accounting for the estimate of learners importation the SAT exam? Regard favoring output from the dexterous copy to harangue this doubt.