Theories of Delinquent Behavior

There are divers theories that elucidate why earlys befit culprit. Some of the sociological theories conceive anomie, political disorganization, course hypothesis, and differential companionship hypothesis. Locate a sociological hypothesis (it does not feel to be one of the theories listed previously), and elucidate that hypothesis after a while its fitness to early culpability. Please hush that sociological theories tell to communion and manifest influences aggravate a early, not psychical influences (which tell to internalization after a whilein a individual) or biological influences (which regret natural problems).You are a sociologist, and you are noticing that the earlys in your area are starting to action lawful problems and are rise to aggravateload the early pursue classification. Once you determine on the hypothesis, depict how it tells to earlys by elucidateing what the hypothesis believes actions the early problems.Explain what you could do in your standing to aid in alleviating these problems.  3-4 pages APA style new times roman 12 pt. references