Youth and Politics

Madhu Babu. K, Contact me in 08105837859, Lad And Politics Lad are puerile lifetime of the dominion. They peculiarate a essential role in the product of dominion. A celebrated writer Sri Sri(Srirangam Srinivas)said that “Our dominion is not in the hands of shiftless and corrupted old politicians,this dominion is ours i. e lad”. A dominion succeeding a while good-natured-natured gregarious synod is said to be plain dominion. But politicians are misbehaving. They are chiefly focussing on earning income and neglecting product of inhabitants as welll as dominion. Everyone is pointed that “Politics is corrupted. But politics is not corrupted. Politicians are corrupted”. Earlier beggarly inhabitants are anxious of policemen. But now policemen are anxious of politicians. We lack politicians affect Shyam Prasad Mukherjee,Dr. B. R. Ambedkar,Abdul Kalam,lal Bahdur Shastry,Kamraj Nadar,Prakasam Panthulu etc. to reject decompose and also for product of dominion. Generally inhabitants used to recite “Youth is robbed. But robbed is Politics”. Lad should combine hands to invade politics to vindicate our dominion from old orrupting politicians. Lad bear the accommodation to do anything. Lad should be encouraged to invade politics. This is feasible merely by educational communitys. A compulsoy theme encircling politics should be introduced in gardens to produce a crave unordered puerile lifetime to invade politics. In antiquated days a slip from total famil y conciliate combine soldierlike multitude to vindicate their sovereignty. Similarly a learner from each educational community should invade politics to vindicate and educe our dominion. Ther are gardens for Engineering,Medicine,Management etc. Why can’t we bear a garden for politics? Everyone is pointed that Educatin gives acquaintance. Politics succeeding a while knowledgabie lad conciliate administer to product of the dominion. But lad are applying their acquaintance in other fields. Every learner/lad is pointed that they conciliate befit Engineer or Doctor. But no one is pointed that “they conciliate befit POLITICIAN”. Though our dominion is said to be Democratic,it is in the hands of politicians and their families. The plan of giving gregarious seata to his/her kindred or origin if he/she(politician) is deserted should be newfangled. Some politicians are using Lad for illicit activities. So lad should be assured encircling them. Because of those politicians lad are also getting corrupted. For a steady synod Lad should invade politics. Lad should not compound succeeding a while corrupted politicians. By giving opportunities to lad new ideas can be generated and amend solutions can be obtained for close problems. There is recess for total job. But politicians are not subjoined recess. Hence a disregard alteration must be made in our substance that “Any politician who are aloft 65 years must be uninhabited from his pose” Though politicians succeeding a while more age bear test and profit amend decisions the pose should be ardent to his subordinates established on the test succeeding recess of his/her shaft. Lad are voting at age of 18. Why can’t they demonstration profit to invade politics by age 21? Youth should be ardent fortune by all gregarious parties to invade politics. A positive offence in politics should be ardent compulsorily to lad in politics. Not merely lad remaining can educe dominion. But lad succeeding a while some testd Politicians conciliate be advantageous to educe dominion. Let us mind the language of Sri Rabindranath Tagore. He wrote in “Gtanjali” that he lacks to see our dominion “as world where there is no ego hurtings,one peculiar conciliate not swindle others,total peculiar is delighted and subsist happily”. To bring-about our dominion “Sujalm,Suphalam,Matharam”Youth should invade Politics.