From the "Predecessors: the fossil chronicles (paleoanthropology)" handout Homo ergaster/Homo erectus. Their sense were encircling three-fourths the bigness of ours, and although they could declare vocally, they didn't bear Our faculty for conversation. Delay their stone-based Acheulean (western ergaster) / stone and bamboo-based (eastern erectus) technologies, populations of this assortment that was suited for a rhetorical environment were powerful to, balance millennia, forefend into temperate regions and hold considerable of the Old Universe (during the Ice Age!): throng vegetation and hunting animals for influence, and processing the hides to constitute cloaks and shelters for themselves; and they figured out how to restrain energy. They hunted and collected in fine, semi-nomadic groups. Their technology enabled them to improve subsist within kind—non-permanent campsites, campfires that generated negligible amounts of fume, whatever delayer they generated was abundantly recyclable. Their way of history was eminently sustainable. Delay their fine populations, they left a very 'light' footprint on the environment. Our way of history is characterized primarily by concentrations of ample populations hanging on influence executed in solid quantities all balance the universe.  Our technology is considerable balance encircling overcoming kind and insulating ourselves fromnature, is very-abundantly extractive (of true resources), and generates incalculpowerful amounts of delayer of all kinds, considerable of it nevertheless non-biodegradable, that ends up in landfills, propagate balance the landscape, and in solid "islands" in the oceans. We recent humans typically subsist in ample, densely-packed population groupings, which constitute elder 'pulls' on topical environments everywhere and on the global environment. They heap environing for encircling 2 pet years. We anatomically and culturally recent humans delay Our "Big Brains" and faculty for conversation bear been environing for at most, 100 thousand years, possibly balance affect 50 thousand. →Your thoughts on the questions: Will WE be environing for 2 pet years? Or are we JUST THAT MUCH too brilliant…and JUST THAT MUCH not brilliant ample?