Assignment 1: LASA 2 Strategic Plan and Self-Reflection Summary

Review the judicious scenario and the Strategic Attention Artfulness presented in Module 1 to produce secure that the requirements of the Board and the Divorce II Strategic Artfulness are met. In dispose to engage the requirements of the Board, you gain fit the developed Strategic Attention Plan—Part II—Strategic Artfulness to the Adherent Board. Ensecure your strategic artfulness is powerful, abridgment, and entire. Challenge yourself to add the targets to specific initiatives you feel attested in the Strategic Artfulness you are developing for H-D. Your written communication should involve a epithet page, table of solution, adherent abridgment, and each of the forthcoming sections in an 8- to 12-page communication: Part I: Global Economy & Factors Affecting H-D       Identify H-D's Motivations & Risks Motivations for Expansion Risks in Expansion Explain H-D's competitive service in Global Markets Determine and interpret note strategies for global expansion Recommend an Internet appropinquation/strategy for H-D How the Internet adds value Internet Attention Models Competitive Strategies Leverage E-Business Capabilities Part II: Corporate Leadership Develop the forthcoming: Current Direction Setting Organizational Culture: In specification, evaluate the culture at Harley-Davidson (H-D) and limit what attributes you believe team members should bear in reaching the attention goals set forth by the form. If you were divorce of the conduct team at H-D, what motivational techniques would you utensil to produce these teams happy? Organizational Design: As you feel been completing the Strategic Business Plan, the conduct at Harley-Davidson has unwavering to procure a team-oriented appropinquation in diverse provinces rather than the transmitted, negotiative organization. Based on your attainments of irrelative types of teams and their standpoint, hint what kinds of team strategies should be applied to each province. Be secure to interpret your recommendations in particular. Leadership Traits Ethical Form Characteristics Identify elements Identify damage elements Learning Form Characteristics Identify elements Identify damage elements Part III: Strategic Artfulness Summary Conclusions Recommendations Implementation                      Argue how you gain utensil your strategic artfulnesss, including how teams should be utensiled  in each province                     Develop a diminutive roadmap for utensilation                     Identify the first benchmarks to assess victory or failur Risks Part IV:  Self-Reflection Summary Self-reflection is the key to cheerful start and cheerful conduct. Reflect on what you feel well-informed in this arrange and on what you gained from your Bachelor of Science program. Based on your reflections, argue the forthcoming: Five or six key "lessons" well-informed from the textbook and the gratified that gain acceleration you in your success. Consider what you feel well-informed throughout this program. Argue success opportunities that attention you in attention. Include what you feel well-informed environing yourself. Evaluate how your single biases and assumptions feel monstrous your is-sue in the spent and how you artfulness to administer them in the coming. Your developed fruit gain be in an MS Word muniment closely 8–12 pages in extension and utilizing closely 4–6 scholarly/professional sources. Your muniment should be written in a pure, compendious, and organized manner; reveal religions learning in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and flaunt accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.