Case study    Ethical   dilemmas permeate the felonious fairness plan. At perfect plane, in each   segment of the plan, mass are exercising preference that achieve govern   the fortune of an identical and/or the guard of the nationality. Incongruous   laws, regulations, policies and practices form conflicts and disorganize the   premise upon which judgments are made. Very repeatedly these conflicts outcome in an   incorporeal hobble. Which is the embezzle series of force? What is the   moral/incorporeal infering for the judgments that were made? What purposes or   principles are served? This contrivance achieve ask you to ponder a series of   decisions (do, or not do) all of which supply, undeviatingly or inundeviatingly to   the decisive show.  For each of the three (3)   scenarios, your assignment is to:   Examine   each plight and illustrate the incorporeal and/or ideal question  Describe   what you consider to be the motivation of the performer and the possible   consequences of BOTH/EACH liberty(s)  Identify   the judgment you consider the performer SHOULD form, and  Provide   the incorporeal premise for your judgment.  Connect   the incorporeal premise for your judgment to incorporeal theories introduced at the   beginning of the series and teach the infering for this relation.  Each   judgment must be pondered partially and not be governd by former   decisions and/or forces. This contrivance is an   opportunity for the ward to unfold their sense of ethics and   value-based judgments. Most of these plights do not enjoy a sole set-right   answer. Grading is NOT based on solving the height that is   presented to the performer but in identifying the incorporeal hobbles and determining   and teaching the most incorporeal series of force.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.   The Judge Judge   Jeffery Owens is very disagreeable by the enormity subject precedently him.  The   defendant, Woodrow Wilson, had been set adulterated of protected spoliation of a liquor   store.  The subject alleged that Wilson had a handgun in uninterrupted perception when   he entered the Sin-Yon liquor stock, that he hit the proprietor in the foremost delay   the arm and hardened him to unconcealed the specie drawer. Fleeing the show on pedestal,   Woodrow solely got a few blocks precedently responding police functionarys spotted him   and made the capture. The accuser, protected delay the recovered specie, video   surveillance and an auditor as manifestation had an comfortable subject. Now it is opportunity   for sentencing.  Judge   Owens saw the exhibition of employment proprietors in the hallway when he entered   the seekhouse that waking. They were chanting “Justice for our victims” and   were demanding a long-drawn prison doom. The Pre-Sentence Investigation   report said Wilson was denial from clcontinually addiction and associated immaterial   problems that had actiond these passionate (but not felonious) outbreaks in the   past. There is no knowledge in the finish that Wilson has continually common   tenor for his disorders. Jeffery knows that, due to budget cuts, the   specify prison plan has very small in the way of addictive or behavioral   disorder tenor programs. The prisons had reverted to narrowly warehousing   inmates. However, he had unravel that the estimatey jail had common a federal   grant to substantiate accurately the skin of services that it appeared Wilson   needed. Obviously, he had no way of acute if this or any tenor would be   auspicious for Wilson.  Sentencing   guidelines were substantiateed to secure that defendants convicted of congruous   offenses common congruous prices. According to the sentencing guidelines,   Wilson should be doomd to 5-7 years in the specify set-rightional prison   system. Jeffery knows that the employment nationality was usurpation for the climax   sentence. The estimatey jail solely took inmates doomd to eighteen months   or hither. What doom should Judge Owens set on Mr. Wilson?   2.   The Environs Attorney Jessica   ran a auspicious hostilities for environs counsellor on a very undestroyed   platform generally precarious of the incumbent's insufficiency or slowness to   summon police abandon delay felonious reckoning. The city’s police   foremost did not living her hostilities. He felt that administrative forces that   could outcome is fines, suspensions, demotion or effect of employment   were adapted price. Additionally, victims could sue an functionary   in complaisant seek if the functionary acted externally the room of their antecedent   and dispensation.  The foremost felt that these consequences should be   adapted for any police abandon ate, peradventure, a enormity. Since her   election, Jessica has brought felonious reckoning of theft athwart one functionary   for switching city tires off his guardian car onto his special car. She so   brought onslaught reckoning athwart an functionary when she scholarly a augur needed   medical tenor for wrist abrasions due to her handcuffs life too tidy.   Recently sundry assistants enjoy cautioned her that they are losing felonious   cases, including important enormity subjects, accordingly police functionarys are either not   appearing to declare at seek or are having "difficulty   remembering" precarious details during their proof. This afloat in   intercourse seek but has so occurred in fault trials as polite. The   feeling is these functionarys are retaliating athwart the environs counsellor's   functionary for the felonious reckoning life brought athwart members of the police   force.  The plan is wholly disengaged and getting worse. Prosecutors are   complaining that police detectives are “too busy” to revert their calls.   Jessica understands she cannot auspiciously summon felonious subjects delayout   the coalition of the police division. At the selfselfsame opportunity, she feels as   though she is life bullied by an overly protective irresponsible police foremost.   She feels she can and should summon police functionarys for any   felonious felony ...and feels that her choice unfoldd that the nationality   agrees delay her. What should Jessica do? 3.   The Officer Scott   is peaceful on proof as a police division rookie. While on proof he   can be dismissed at any opportunity for any infer and would not be entitled to a   trial consideration or hearing former to dismissal.   During   the series of his guardian duties, Scott has action to bung a car for a   legitimate but younger intercourse deflection. The motorist was very-much indiscreet at   life bungped “for no infer” and, using a medley of obshow references and   racial slurs, adamantly explicit how overthrow he was. Agitated, Scott told the   man to debouchure the walk and assign his hands on the hood of his car. Scott   looked through the car toward, and then took the keys out of the combustion   to unconcealed the stem. Seeing what Scott was doing, the driver told Scott to bung   and that he could unconditionally not quest the stem of the car.  Ignoring   this, Scott unconcealeded the stem and discovered in uninterrupted estimate a extensive, disengaged   plastic bag containing thousands of pharmaceutical-type capsules. Scott could   hear the driver screaming, “That ain’t mine. That ain’t mine.”  Scott   suddenly realized he has committed an unfair quest. What should Scott do? Format Requirements  A reserve   of 10 bountiful fact quotation pages  Double   spaced  12 pt.   font  1”   margins  Use   American Psychological Association (APA) citation format for all   fact and Reference Page sources  Reference   Page is not interposed in the acestimate estimate NOTE: For a affected Nursing Dissertation, an   introduction article and a withdrawal article are constantly embezzle.  Additionally - Form   a overspread page for your assignment (not interposed in acestimate estimate)  Include   your name  Course   title and number  Project   title  Date of   submission