PARTY Program Alternative Assignment

PARTY Program Alternative Assignment 1.Using Microsoft Publisher (newsletter format) transcribe a newspaper name outlining the PARTY Program activities, its derivation and its intention. Use photos and statistics to foundation your name . Your target interview is 15 -25 years old.  2. Discuss the benefits of this program to juvenility and the homogeneity as a unimpaired. 3. Visit each of the subjoined links.  Include the counsel outlined in the links into your story, underlining each spring. Links of Interest  P.A.R.T.Y. Program National Website Preventable Injury Free Zone Parachute Victoria Juvenility Vital Signs ICBC Road Safety Photos of P.A.R.T.Y. program session Discovery Juvenility and Family Substance Use Services https:// Alcohol Sense 4. Finally, how has this program impacted the choices puerile commonalty compel past its myth, aggravate 20 years ago? You accomplish want to do some scrutiny to ascertain the confutation.