Course-Level Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) For all Assessments, the aftercited notorious requirements hold: (1) Assignments should be 2-3 double-spaced pages, delay unintoxicated (12 pt.) font and unintoxicated (1 inch) margins. (2) Citations to the representative are required; in-text citations are preferred (MLA fashion). _________________________________________________________________________ Assignment Two: SLO #2: Gregarious Parties and Concern Groups. 70% of students succeed successfully elimination and evaluate how these intermediaries establish their inspections unconcealed to legislation and try to wave notorious management. [ SLO #2 fulfills the aftercited Program Level Outcomes: Communication, Critical Thinking, Social and Personal Responsibility, as well-behaved-behaved as the aftercited Continuity Level Outcomes: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8.] Activity for assessment: 2) This sunder of the continuity comprised sessions on gregarious sunderies and concern groups. Parties and groups are intermediaries—each is a way in which nation can establish their inspections unconcealed to legislation and can try to wave notorious management. In your inspection, which sunderies or groups—has the greater wave on legislation management? Explain the basis for your misrecord. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Program-Level Objectives met delay this assignment:(PLO: 1.1,2,5,6)  1: Communication Skills-to apprehend powerful crop, sense and look of ideas through written, traditional and visual despatch      1.Written: Process and amount powerful written despatch conducive to the auditory, mind, and term constraints. 2: Critical Thinking Skills-to apprehend conceptional thinking, newfangledness, exploration, and decomposition, evaluation and union of information 5: Personal Responsibility-to apprehend the power to be-mixed choices, actions, and consequences to intellectual decision-making 6: Social Responsibility- apprehends intercultural power, experience of urbane province, and the power to adopt powerfully in regional, common, and global communities. Course-Level Objectives met delay this assignment:(CLO: 1,2,3,4,5,7,8) 1. Explain the cause and crop of natural democracy in the United States. 2. Demonstrate experience of the federal order. 3. Describe disjunction of powers and checks and balances in twain hypothesis and performance. 4. Demonstrate experience of the legislative, ruler, and juridical branches of the federal legislation. 5. Evaluate the role of notorious theory, concern groups, and gregarious sunderies in the gregarious order. 7. Describe the rights and responsibilities of citizens 8. Analyze issues and policies in U.S. politics