Homeopathy Assignment for Nursing Class

My instructions This is an assignment that I keep to do shameful on a homeopathic cure that I must captivate in direct to allay a mark that I am having, the mark that I excellent is HEADACHE. According to the website produce The homeopathic cure which best matches my marks is Nitricum Acidum and it applies to these: head; abstinence, muddiness; sides; pulsating; https://abchomeopathy.com/writearem.php?abrev=nit-ac.  (this coalesce is for the cure) I must transcribe a 4-5 pages desire tract shameful on this cure and must keep ( how I took the cure and its agency use your humor for this shameful on what you are balbutiation.), ( MUST BE APA STYLE A TITLE PAGE ALSO MUST HAVE THE REFERENCES AT LEAST 3 YOU CAN USE THE WEBSITE AS ONE) Teacher Instructions Instructions: Homeopathy is a entire healthcare arrangement, and if you are assiduous in texture of medical stipulations you must pursue a functional homeopath. In this assignment, we conquer observe at unamazed issues, not medical stipulations. For illustration if you keep a muddiness, instead of Tylenol, you can try homeopathy. Part 1 Read through the knowledge produced on https://abchomeopathy.com/go.php careeasily and easily. After inputting your knowledge into the Cure Finder App, you conquer get a recommended cure. Use the cure finder to entertain you own unimportant sustentation. You may want to dissipation the recommended items/products in your area. Click on the Cure Grid and catch the palliate. Submit / upload your Cure Grid. Part 2 Write a 4-5 page tidings summarizing the cure you took. Please include how you took the cure and its agency.  Research the cure you used advance and produce manifestation to food its agency.  Find / use researched articles/books of EBP (Evidenced Based Practice).  Cite and intimation your sources (APA Style). Your tract should be 4-5 pages, including: title page intimation page according to APA Writing Style spacing and extremity settings (APA Style)