300 WORDS REPLY TO THIS  This week we were asked to dig into three questions, which I entertain attempted to do adown. Let me recognize what you reflect and I pleasant any feedback or contrariant viewpoints. Intelligence is such a wide account I entertain clarified to centre on those aspects of it which most fit this inequitable succession. Announcement consists of notification which is costly to a abandoned community or existence that institutions an adversary's strengths and weaknesses in accounts of rule, war-power, capabilities, gregarious atmosphere, members, and ideals. This notification is life-supporting in allowing policymakers to formulate responses to the threats posed by whatever the abandoned capabilities are, in twain a strategic and a tactical reason. I located an condition from the Internotorious Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences written by Johannes Li which arranges a narrative of cyber felony gone the intentionting of the "Digital Age", and describes countermeasures in attribute to twain arms and chasten the perpetrators of such felonys. The development of cyber onslaughts started tedious but by the 1990's was such an emerging institution that multitudinous governments about the cosmos-people had begun instituting countermeasures and prosecuting cyber criminals regularly. As globalization and the internet took off, divers countries realized the disastrous movables cyber felony could entertain on the global rule (Li, 2017). Cyber felony can feign anyone, from an peculiar to a strengthening or governments existence, to a community as a gross. From extortion emblem or phishing onslaughts on peculiars to a enlightened lamina onslaught on the strength grid these onslaughts are decorous further and further dishonorable as polite as movablesive.  Globally we entertain seen extensiond control in the "cyber space" as governments entertain urgeed to shield their notification and communityal property from cyber onslaughts (Aniruddhsinh & Patel, 2016). Studies entertain shown that grating chastenments entertain had a fixed movables on the monetary damage from onslaughts relish this, and Li predicts that as the cause of perpetrating cyber onslaughts continues to amplify due to extensiond technological tools and reverberation, divers would-be onslaughters allure round elsewhere, due to perceiving the cause not rate the honor. As the director of a strengthening or government structure I would urge to entertain extensiond union between analysts and strategists, as it allure extension awareness of twain sides of the announcement emanation, and fan a good-tempered-tempered started harmony by using a dishonorable amusement intention or blueprint for operations. I would guide searching onslaughts abutting my own infrastructure to identify germinative weaknesses, and adduce in beyond experts to arrange a untried perspective. It appears from the conditions I interpret that clever defenses and grating chastenments are a deterrence to cyber criminals, and I would urge for stricter comp and control. V/R, Matt References Aniruddhsinh, P., & Patel, K. (2016). Critical Study and Decomposition of Cyber Law Awareness Among the Netizens. Proceedings of Internotorious Conference on ICT for Sustainable Development (pp. 325-334). Singapore: Springer. Li, J. X. (2017). Cyber felony and lawful countermeasures: A unvarnished decomposition. Internotorious Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences, 12(2), 196-207. doi: