Problems in E Choupal Itc

ITC e-Choupal Weakness of e-choupal Although e-choupal helps eject the middleman and accordingly allows compatriots to get a amend scold for what they amplify, it does nothing to explain the excite qualitative substance of the inbred inefficiencies engenderd by so manifold diminutive farms. In consideration, it relies on infrastructure, which is frequently stagnationing in spentoral communities. Electricity and telecommunication benefits can sometimes be near than 100 percent real in some of the locates wshort echoupal has been implemented.Finally, although tshort is no longer a middleman, e-choupal can be no excite telling than the sanchalak (coordinator) in each polity. ITC in indivisibleization following a time persomal compatriots engenderd the e-choupal rule that is acting as a catalyst in spentoral intercharge by providing bearing to final notification of the agro sector, enunciateing persomal start and creating a compositionive dispensation. It helps in alleviating spentoral disconnection, mends compositionivity and pay, engender openness for compatriots - which mends the economic stipulation of spentoral areas.This brochure tries to confirm the substance of mandi, deficiency of e-choupal and challenges in harvest of e-choupal and derives following a time multitudinous misproceedings and suggestions in ‘forthcoming strategy’ from modescold vindication and discusses superscription for excite elimination. Cultivation is the backbone of Indian arrangement producing 23 percent of GDP, and employs 66 percent of compositionforce. Because of the unmature treatment, India’s unroving compositionivity has mends to the summit that it is twain self-sufficient and a net exporter of a apartness of influence grains, yet most Indian compatriots possess remained inconsiderable.The causes comprise remnants of scarcity-era arrange and an unroving rule naturalized on diminutive, inadhesive locate holdings. The other constraints are diluted infrastructure, muddy intermediaries, superfluous assurance on the monsoon discrepancy betwixt irrelative agro-climate zones, and manifold others. The unhappy remainder is rambling attribute and uncompetitive scolds, making it arduous for the compatriots to vend his consequence in the universe chaffer.ITC’s trailblazing vindication to these substance is the - e-choupal start; the solitary greatst notification technology-naturalized intercession by a urbane dependence in spentoral India that is transforming the Indian compatriot into radical familiarity-seeking netizens. Enriching the familiarity of compatriots & elevating them to a new arrange of empowerment. ITC bequest to furnish the faculty of cheerful familiarity on raze the diminutiveest indivisible compatriot enhancing its competitiveness in the global chaffer. The transmitted mould Indian compatriots believe on Office of Agriculture, govt. niversities, protection companies etc. for multitudinous inputs such as atmosphere, new-fashioned and philosophical husbandry practices and protection cloak. Farmers advent input venders who fount them from perfectsalers who are in frequented touch following a time manufacturers. Following bud, compatriots adduce these consequence to mandis; in diminutive multiple lots throughout the year, wshort beans are auctioned to the traders and principals of the ruleing companies in an disclosed hullabaloo way. The empire arrange equitoperative scold thread and qualify sumity of issue, govern these chaffer yards.Successful bidders then bed the beans, perpend them, pay allot coin to the compatriots, and enravishment the load to the ruleing units. But following a time sum intermediary the require of consequence acceptions to the ruleor as intermediary adds his acquisition extremity to the require although the compatriots get the last scold and extremity in the perfect fetter. e-choupal e-choupal is a Hindi engagement which instrument – “Village convocation locate”. e-choupal is a substantial chaffer locate wshort compatriots can carry-on frequentedly following a time a ruleor and can sum amend scold for their consequence. -choupal performs use of the; natural transmission capabilities of present intermediaries & sumity, logistics, againstparty lavish and bridge financing.In June 2000, ITC Poor agoing e-choupal in India and now e-choupal has grace the greatst Internet naturalized intercession in spentoral India. e-choupal bequest to procure compatriots compliant bearing to harvest favoring real-spell notification to mend the compatriot’s rebreach making ability thereby abetting them to amend align their farm output to the intented call-for in Indian chaffer. -choupal, the Webnaturalized start of ITC’s IBD, offers the compatriot all notification encircling compositions and benefits they deficiency to augment farm compositionivity mend farm-preamble scold realization and cut carry-onion requires. Farmers can bearing the final persomal and global notification on atmosphere, philosophical husbandry practices and chaffer scolds at the village itself through the web preamble in Indian tongues – Hindi, Marathi, Kannada and Telegu. echoupal as-well-behaved arranges the afford of excellent attribute farm inputs as polite-mannered-behaved-behaved as forfeitures of consequence at the compatriot’s doorstep. -choupal and the transmitted mould The deep adduction of e-choupal is that it connects great and diminutive consequencer and users and ejects the deficiency of middlemen (who are qualitative in transmitted chaffer). e-choupal is a substantial chaffer that adduces simultaneously vendors and customers. Geographical alienness no longer restricts alloticipation of compatriots.The deep hurdle of transmitted chaffer is that notification asymmetry is inbred in the chaffer wshort as e-choupal procures for crystalline carry-onion. The carry-onion spell at the ITC hub is near than at the mandi i. e. or 3 hours wshort as 1-2 days in mandi. Some excite summits are:• • • • • • Customer centric and not relative on intermediaries. Capoperative of substance used for manifold movables & multiple carry-onions. Abundantly scaloperative uniformly it is originatorized. Uses persomal faculty and persomal race to enunciate persomal leaders. Uses all the massive institutions and constitutional frameworks. Philosophical way of error, cupeling and perpending. The e-choupal negotiation mould The mould is centred on a netcomposition of e-choupal, notification centres equipped following a time computer aapprove to the Internet, locating in spentoral husbandry villages. -choupal assists as choupal (group locate) and an e-commerce hub. A persomal compatriot acting as a Sanchalak (coordinator) runs the e-choupal and the computer usually is located in the sanchalak’s residence. ITC as-well-behaved incorporated a persomal deputation principal disclosed as the Samyojak (collaborator), into the rule as the procurer of logistical buttress. The dubious part of the e-choupal rule and the key to managing the geographical and cultural exhalation of ITC’s netcomposition by recruiting a persomal compatriot is the sanchalak. Sanchalak engender expectation in sodality and all infrastructure set up is made in his house.Sanchalak receives deputation for sum carry-onion ruleed through the e-choupal and as-well-behaved blessinged from acceptiond gregarious foothold that accompanies the comcomposition – a expressive utility in spentoral Indian vivacity. Sanchalak act as national conductor in ITC scheme. Sanchalak as-well-behaved aggregates compatriots input as polite-mannered-behaved-behaved as forfeiture arranges. Sanchalak lowergoes inoculation of basic computer performance, basic negotiation skills, attribute error of harvest composition inoculation etc. The samyojak or cooperating commisssion principals as-well-behaved embody appropriate role.He obtain pay by providing logistical benefits that minister for the stagnation of spentoral infrastructure by providing notification and chaffer signals on trading carry-onion. Samyojak is concerned in ongoing action of echoupal rule, allowing them enrichment streams through providing benefits such as skillful-treatment of coin, bagging & labour at procurement hubs, handling of mandi brochurecomposition as licensed principals for the vend carry-onion of the e-choupal. ITC has plans to infuse the sector in which it compositions following a time e-choupals, such that a compatriot has to expedition no excite than 5kms.The congregation expects each e-choupal to assist encircling 10 villages. Conventional carry-onion vs. e-choupal Require Trolley Frview Filling & Contemplation Labour Khadi Karai Handling waste Sub sum Processor Incurs - Deputation Principal Require of Bag Labour (Stitching & loading) Labour at occurrenceory (Unloading) Frview to occurrenceory Transit Losses Sub Sum Grand Sum Conventional Chaffer 100 70 50 50 270 100 75 35 35 250 10 505 775 e-choupal NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 50 NIL NIL 35 100 NIL 185 185 As percent of consequence scold 8 percent 2 percentThe e-choupal rule The prior day’s mandi bankruptcy scold is used to detail the benchsign Equitoperative Average Attribute (FAQ) scold at the e-choupal, which is static for a fond day. The notification of mandi scold is infectious through e-choupal preamble. If and when union fails, sanchalak calls an ITC room figurative. To initiate a sale the compatriot adduces a scantling of his consequence to the e-choupal. The sanchalak performs the attribute cupel in the compatriot’s influence & must excuse any conclusion to the compatriot. These humble curbs and balances secure openness in a rule wshort attribute cupeling and pricing happens at multiple razes.If the compatriot chooses to vend his consequence to ITC, the sanchalak furnishs him a voice capturing his spectry, his village, attribute cupel narration, approx. size and stipulational scold. The compatriot takes the voice from sanchalak and pay following a time his harvest to the righteous ITC procurement hub. Some procurement hubs are solely ITC’s occurrenceories that as-well-behaved act as assemblage summits. ITC’s motive is to possess a ruleing centre following a time a 30 to 40 kms radius of each compatriot. At the ITC hub, a scantling of the compatriot’s consequence is taken and set privately for laboratory cupel.Laboratory cupeling of the scantling for oil gratified is done following the sale & does not modify the scold. The discuss for this is that compatriots having historically substance exploited are not forthafter a time disposed to expectation a laboratory cupel. Following such error, the compatriot’s cart is perpended on an electronic perpendbridge, primeval following a time the consequence and then following a timeout consequence. The apartness is used to detail the perpendts of his consequence. Following perpending, the compatriot collects his cancelment in generous at the cancelment against. The compatriot is as-well-behaved reimbursed for enravishmenting his harvest to the procurement hub.Every extent of the rule is accompanied by alienate documentation. The compatriot is fond vision of lab narrations, agreed scolds and recompenses for his proceedings. Sanyojaks, who are proficient at handling great sum of coin, are entrusted following a time the calling of cancelment negative at procurement centres. Samyojaks as-well-behaved manipulate plenteous of the hub logistics, including labour skillful-treatment at hub, bagging, storage mgmt. , enravishmentation from hub to occurrenceors and handling mandi brochurecomposition for the harvests procured at the hub and for all this he is paid a 0. 5 percent deputation.Benefits of e-choupal “A pacify digital treatment is reshaping the lives of compatriots in alien Indian villages. ” e-choupal delivers real-spell notification and customized familiarity to compatriot’s rebreach making ability, securing amend attribute & scold. The e-choupal start as-well-behaved engenders a frequented chaffering implement, eliminating reckless intermediation and multiple handling, thus reducing carry-onion require and making logistics efficient. • Digital intercharge - ITC began e-choupal following a time Soya amplifyer in the villages of M. P. e-choupal mature to veer the stereotype representation of compatriots of bullock cart.Farmers now log on to the plight through internet kiosks to arrange excellent attribute input, get notification on best husbandry practices, most-general chaffer scolds for their harvests at residence and awide for the atmospshort forestall all in the persomal tongue. The e-choupal plight is as-well-behaved abetting the compatriots discloak • • the best scold of their attribute at the village itself. The plight as-well-behaved procures compatriots following a time specialized familiarity for customizing their consequence to the righteous consumer segments. The new storage and handling rule observes the idexistence of irrelative varieties righteous through the ‘farm preamble to dinner plate’ afford fetter.Thus, inspiriting the compatriots to erect their attribute rules and invite excellenter scold. Honor and Protection - Farmers’ low pay and arduousy in bearinging honor limits the faculty to prosecute opportunities following a timein and delayout the cultivation sector. ITC e-choupal proposes the breach of this substance by making allotnership following a time financial institutions. e-choupal procure multitudinous types of loans approve non-coin loans for farm inputs, loans to sanchalak (sanchalak can amend husband honor lavish & possess amend bearing to compatriots), frequented loans to compatriots naturalized on sanchalak admonition, Protection & lavish skillful-treatment benefits etc.Local start harvest - ITC uses involvement of compatriots in gratified invention helps to abundantly customize the notification as per the persomal requirements. Free-trade of persomal compatriots secures consequence of exuberant and decipheroperative notification to e-choupal, which can be filled into the husbandry, or pricing of the consequence. The acceptiond alloticipation in e-choupal enunciates persomal start attribute in compatriots. The compatriots get inviteed towards e-choupal due to acceptiond acquisitions, external benefits that he could get, wary in spell and the ability to use e-choupal for manifold carry-onions. choupal delivers appropriate technologies in the hands of the compatriots, which can mend the economic stipulation of the unimpaired village. e-choupal is one of the very few ICT schemes in India that has tellingly utilized e-commerce carry-onions for need boon. ICT as-well-behaved degraded the compute of middlemen betwixt consequencers and consumers. Now, humble technology breachs are suited to engender networks in spentoral areas, which can administration as substantial chafferplaces. e-choupal at a conjecture States cloaked 9 States [M. P. , Haryana, Uttaranchal, Karnataka, A. P. , U. P. Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Kerala] 36,000 6,400 3. 5 favorite Village cloaked e-choupal info kiosks Empowered e-farmers Other blessings to compatriots Farmers are reimbursed for enravishment to the procurement hub of e-choupal. The carry-onion spell at the ITC hub is as-well-behaved plenteous dissipateder than mandi. ITC has fond recollection to soundnessy allotner in the afford rule & not unadulterated as unroving consequencer and thus elevating the raze of regard of compatriots. Similarly providing shaded seating area time abeyance for their brochurecomposition semblances ITC unquestionably pains for compatriots. References Require and enrichment Stream e-choupal has been fortunate.It has degraded the require of procurement and the require of transit and the esthetic handling require. Procurement carry-onion requires are degraded from the diligence rule of 8 percent (farmers incurs 3 percent and the ruleor incurs 5 percent) to 2 percent (following a time compatriot wary all his 3 percent, and the ruleor ITC – wary 3 percent). • • www. echoupal. com Circumstance examine on 'ITC's e-choupal & compositionive spentoral intercharge' by Kuttayan, Annamalai ; Rao. Circumstance examine on 'Developing a spentoral e-hub' by Bowonder, Gupta ; Singh. • The sum require incurred on the starts so far has been • Papers in Digital Opportunities.Rs. 50 favorite (Rs. 35 favorite as consummate require towards computers and other hardware at the kiosks as polite-mannered-behaved-behaved as convenient assistrs and Rs. 15 favorite enrichment expense incurred towards preamble harvest, race aloft etc. ). But ITC has amount blessing Rs. 20 favorite, which is the equipollent of generous siege on 40 percent of the Choupals (Kiosks). In provisions of forthcoming enrichment, the outflow is 52. 1 favorite in 2001-02 which reduces to 3. 90 favorite in 2005-2006 and for 2006-07 is estimated as 2. 70 favorite. Wshort as inflow in 200102 is 15. 3 favorite wshort as 65. 0 favorite in 2005-2006 and estimated as 85. favorite in 2006-2007. The inlaterality scold of recompense (IRR) on the scheme compositions out to be 21. 55 percent. In the mandi rule, tshort was a sign up of 7-8 percent on the scold of soybean from the farm preamble to the occurrenceory preamble of this sign-up 2. 5 percent was born by the compatriot time 5 percent was borne by ITC following a time e-choupal, ITC require are down to 2. 5 percent. In arbitrary provisions, twain the compatriots and ITC prevent encircling $ 6 per metric ton. Challenges As the faculty is usually suited for barely a few hours a day at on a endemic register, the e-choupal computer cannot frequently be bearinged when notification is deficiencyed.Phase imbalances leads to injury of equipments. Telecommunication infrastructure in villages is inconsiderable. Telephone exveer as-well-behaved possess poor battery backup. In consideration, tshort is no persomal buttress staff to deeptain or troubleshoot telephone changes. The buttress team is as-well-behaved short-staffed. Other challenges are: • • • • • • • Illiteracy encircling computer in spentoral areas as polite-mannered-behaved-behaved as spentoral population has low expectation on electronic rule. Selection of an educated, clever, real and matured individual as a sanchalak. Improper familiarity encircling spentoral chaffer.Vicious foe of intermediaries (Adatiya ; Brokers). Improper and concerned user interface on e-choupal. Stagnation of rules and arrange allied to electronic choupal. Misexpectation encircling error, cupeling and perpending of consequence on centres. ITC’s mould semblance the key role of IT in providing and deeptaining by a fortification, but used by persomal compatriots – to adduce openness, to acception bearing to notification, and to catalyze spentoral intercharge, time enabling efficiencies and low require dispensation that perform the rule compositionive and sustainoperative .Critical occurrenceors in the ostensible luck of the risk are ITC’s extensive familiarity of cultivation, the endeavor ITC has made to hold manifold aspects to the massive compositionion rule, including holding the soundnessy significance of persomal allotners. ITC e-choupal is committed to openness and regard and equitableness towards compatriots as polite-mannered-behaved-behaved as persomal allotners. The originator is presently established as Assistant Zealot in an MBA school in Pune (NIFEM). She is an M. Phil - University topper from DAVV, Indore, MP and is presently pursuing her PhD on e-Governance lower the curb of Prof. (Dr. ) Pankaj Trivedi.The ITC e-choupal has inviteed global consideration. Says David Upton, zealot, Harvard Negotiation School, who flew down to India to transcribe this circumstance examine for his students, "This is a afford fetter novelty that is persomal to India but has wide applications to the universe. What is animated is the gregarious cheerful it adduces in the reanimate to the diminutive, extremityal compatriot. " Upton summits out contrariant issues which the congregation has addressed. Firstly, it is not righteous tweaking environing but a greater competency in the afford fetter. One of the substances in redesigning afford fetters is how to use irrelative tools, thus making the multitudinous embodyers quiescent own the fetter.Here, the compatriot and the team are concerned in painting the big draw, so tshort is devotion and a consciousness of ownership. Further, how do you abandon a implement encounter by vindication interval for the middle-men? Upton as-well-behaved summits out that the 'flatten out, fix it, flake up' mould is a new advent to strategic skillful-treatment. The philosophy short is that the terrain has so manifold uncertainties that gaps achieve depend. So, unapprove in the spent, wshort nucleus was on polite-mannered-behaved-laid strategic plans, short you furnish experimentation-naturalized strategies excite perpendtage.Says Upton: "Admitted I do not possess all the vindications but I achieve not hold for them; instead raise prophylactic nets time I flatten it out, lobtain nearons and then fix it. This instrument you are not solid to your intent and are easily-affected to nearons from the delayout universe. " The congregation's target is to razetually possess 50,000 choupals to cloak 200,000 Indian villages which instrument cloaking one-fifth of the kingdom. Following a time this infrastructure, ITC targets Rs 2000 crore (Rs 20,000 favorite) by the year 2005 from its interdiplomatic exports.Says Sivakumar, "Even time we set up choupals all balance India, we possess offers from interdiplomatic organisations to replicate this in Africa and other enunciateing countries. " The eChoupal utility ITC's eChoupal scheme is a winner—for compatriots who get amend payment and for the congregation that's safe attribute inputs for its negotiation Imagine an illitescold compatriot in a alien village in Madhya Pradesh sitting at a desktop wired up to the WWW through a diminutive VSAT couple, facultyed by a diminutive faculty generator by the succeedingality, and surfing afar to pomp downloading priceless notification encircling atmospshort forestalls and sowing trends.Imagine compatriots curbing scolds for soya beans at the righteous empire-run chaffer, or raze on an interdiplomatic movables change. “A few V V R Babu years ago such a scenario would possess seemed foreign but today it’s a substance,” says V V R Babu, CIO, ITC (eChoupal Project). IT for the Masses The eChoupal scheme cloaks balance 35,000 villages in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttaranchal providing favorites of compatriots following a time dubious notification on husbandry. The Choupal benefits are substance delivered by balance 6,000 Sanchalaks and balance 17,000 Upa Sanchalaks to these remocupel areas.Multiple Benefits Farmers can appear at atmospshort forestalls, arrange fertiliser and herbicide, and question an agronomist by e-mail when their harvests shape yellow. At some eChoupals they can raze buy vivacity protection, engage for loans and as-well-behaved curb their children’s exam remainders. Time plenteous has been written encircling the gregarious blessings of ITC’s eChoupal, the substance of the occurrence is that the scheme was conceptualised following a time a innocent negotiation nucleus to engender compatriot communities in villages to arrange sourcing of excellent-attribute farm consequence for the congregation’s dissipated amplifying agribusiness.Better Cancelment In IT parlance, eChoupal is an clever fuse of applications approve CRM and afford fetter skillful-treatment. For persuasion, by abetting the compatriot confirm and curb his inputs and husbandry practices, and by paying excite for amend attribute, ITC has been operative to preassist the fount and mend the attribute of consequence. The scheme was built using . NET. The primeval implementation of a Soya Choupal took view months but succeeding extensions approve the Aqua Choupal for aquamarine compatriots took betwixt six and view weeks.Today eChoupal is a yielding, unconcerned to deploy breach. ITC Infotech procured an inhouse team of 25 to 30 race in the modescold extent and this spiritual came down to environing 20 race, and finally a five-member team to deeptain the scheme. The portfolio of movables fountd has been vastly broad to comprise maize, barley, sorghum, and pulses, and the sourcing cycle is sufficient approximately environing the year. In the movables chaffer, these two occurrenceors are abetting ITC engender a certain competitive utility.The Problems “Initially we care that we would composition following a time DoT to upgrade spentoral telephone changes. The office was proactive in upgrading manifold spentoral changes to electronic ones. Following 15 months we endow that the experiment was not exquisite,” explained Babu. Faculty cuts in spentoral areas can run for view to 10 hours. ITC raze went so far as to procure gensets at a few locations hoping to urge DoT to doing the corresponding. It didn’t composition out and in 2001 ITC shifted its nucleus to using Ku Band VSATs. Faculty remained a substance and it was explaind by using solar panels.The EChoupal Roadmap ITC now plans to leverage its eChoupal infrastructure to vend third-party compositions, procure spentoral chaffer elimination benefits, and in the gregarious sector, to procure benefits approve soundness advisories and qualify e-governance. ITC eChoupal has embarked in on providing best of the tabulate vending and shopping experiments to the spentoral consumers by raiseing vend shopping concernedes that procure integrated facilities lower one roof. Lower the mark ‘Choupal Sagar,’ these shopping concernedes house—a procurement centre, vend fund, influence seek, compatriot quickness centre and soundnesspains clinic.In soundnesspains benefits, a escort scheme has been agoing parallel following a time superfluous urbane soundnesspains benefit procurers, to avail real and attribute soundnesspains benefits to the remocupel villages. Contrariant soundness camps conducted during the escorts are inspiriting and the scheme is in the throng of scaling up to other locations. ITC eChoupal is presently escorting endowment of attribute order benefits to the spentoral areas leveraging the natural and digital infrastructure enunciateed for movables sourcing and consumer vend benefits.