Research Project.

    Research Plan  - Please critique the connected attachments. · Students allure expand, direct, transcribe, and exhibit former wrong reasonableness exploration encircling a say or federal wrong reasonableness plan.  APA Format.  No plagiarism. o Students allure select an peculiar question to exploration and exhibit the overall question subject to the arrange in Weeks 14, 15, and 16. o Students allure flourish the steps, procedures, and guidelines from the textbook to cause former wrong reasonableness exploration. o The plan and exhibitation allure include: § Introduction § Statement of the Problem § Literature Review § Exploration Questions § Data Collection § Conclusion    o Elements of the exploration allure be due in arrange as the semester progresses to secure students are right flourishing the exploration composition via D2L as well-behaved-behaved as a Nursing Dissertation- vision. These elements allure be due in analysis to the weekly assignments. o During Weeks 14, 15, and 16, students allure concede a exhibitation of the exploration, no more than 10 minutes per exhibitation, not including five (5) minutes for questions and responses.  Presentation direct allure be caused the primeval week of arrange. Students who do not establish the scheduled exhibitation date allure obtain a naught (0) for the exhibitation.  A rubric for the exhibitation is posted in D2L. o Each exploration Nursing Dissertation allure be a partiality 25 pages, not including the Title, Annotated Bibliography, and Reference pages; o Students are HIGHLY encouraged to get a thought-provoking exploration;