470 exam1

 PICK A PRODUCT OR PRODUCT CATEGORY ON EUROMONITOR AND WRITE A 600 WORD REPORT ON CONSUMER TRENDS FOR THAT PRODUCT OR PRODUCT CATEGORY USING DATA FROM FIVE COUNTRIES. (The countries should be from divergent regions and accept divergent levels of economic outgrowth) THE REPORT SHOULD INDICATE: o What the overriding trends are for the result; o In what image of kingdom is the result doing polite or out-of-sorts and why; o Where are sales for the result designed to expand and decline; o What do Euromonitor’s written assessments and reports discriminate you about the result?     Euromonitor Passport The enclosed cohere conciliate direct you to the Euromonitor Passport basisbase containing decay basis from multifarious countries encircling the universe. (You conciliate want to invade your counsel to mode the basisbase A-Z as it is granted to us through our university library). Euromonitor is one of the universe's directing communicate exploration firms. I tolerate you to weigh the basisbase as it provides a large vest of twain requisite and accidental exploration on decay patterns from divers countries. It shows, for entreaty, which countries accept the largest communicates for movables such as beer, soap, shoes and dress. It so shows per capita decay levels. http://www.portal.euromonitor.com.libproxy.lib.csusb.edu/portal/magazine/homemain Identify an Opportunity after a while Euromonitor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv6gTJrtcto