group research

Group Investigation Ment and Presentation Clump Investigation Report: Every team is required to fine a REAL-WORLD assemblage to direct investigation. The design of this drill is to fulfill a quantity that the assemblage faces and collect the robust a recommendation of strategic actions so that the robust can ameliorate its act. You are expected to practice the tools we argue in this round to awaken and foundation your analyses and recommendation (e.g., the five-force design, VRIS framework, SWOT partition, concern flatten/corporate flatten strategies, etc.) The preferred liberty for choosing your assemblage is to fine a assemblage from a register collectd by the tutor. You can so effect your own dainty which requires laudation of the tutor. 6 In your clump investigation ment including the conceal page, you want to thrive the thriveing format: Your clump plight ment must not be further than 6 pages excepting conceal page and appendices. You must understand a conceal page which obviously identifies your names, clump enumerate/name, and individuality enumerate. All explain and graphs must be placed in the postscript. Page/word boundary is not applied to heading page, tables, figures, appendices and references; 2 thread spacing; Times New Roman 12-point font; 1-inch brink all environing (i.e., top- bottom-, left- and right-hand brinks); Use 8.5 x 11 paper; Use page enumerates; Insert footnotes and peculiar citations (APA format) where compulsory. You earn expose 5% of the assignment walk for violating any of the