history research paper 1

   RESEARCH PAPER SUBJECTS DUE 7 November, 2018 1. Dressed to Kill, page 465. 2. A White Man’s View of Custer’s Defeat, page 486. 3. “Americanizing” the Indian, page 489 4. The Rise of Information Systems, page 515 5. Two Sides of Haymarket, page 532  6. City Scenes, page 553 7. The Vaudeville Show, page 560. 8. What Should the Government Do? Page 574 9. Pinning the Winning Ticket, page 577 10. The New Navy, page 586 11. “Amusing the Millions” page 608 12. Preservation versus Conservation, 618 13. The Limits of Free Speech, page 644 14. The Doughboys Abroad, 646  15. The Beauty Contest, page 666 16. “The Problem of the Color Line” page 671 17. Superheroes as Cultural Icons, page 691 18. Two Views of the “Forgotten Man” page 698 19. Post Office Murals, page 711 20. Zooters and the Sleepy Lagoon Case, page 739 21. Air Power Shrinks the Globe, page 743 22. Jackie Robinson Integrates Baseball, page 765 23. The New Suburbia, page 787  24. Student Voices for a New America, pages 828-829 25. The Race to the Moon, page 858 26. The Culture Wars, page 878  FORMAT FOR ORAL REPORTS WHO: The Party or clump of race pictorial in the inscription assigned WHAT: The Inscription of the Material Assigned from your extract book WHEN: The Tine Frame the episode or renewal took assign in WHERE: A specific or open material location the episode or renewal took assign in WHY: To Describe or To Define or  To Explain the renewals or episodes of the material assigned, prime merely one  HOW: The methods underneathneath which the episode took assign, delineated by sum or note in   order of avail I.E.  A B C oer 1 2 3  RESULT: The uncombined most material product of the episode or renewal pictorial, defined, or explained.