For this read earnestness, you are going to invent a chart after a while the subjoined supports: 1. Males, 2. Females, 3. Vile Traits, and 4. Differences. Your job is to inventory the vile aspects of the manful or femanful prison subculture in the relative support. In each support, you conquer inventory the differences of the subculture and then courageous or highlight the similarities in the similar support. Next, in the similarities and differences support, you conquer clear-up why they are the similar or why they are irrelative. Abundantly clear-up yourself; confer particulars. Do not be timid of using statistics or examples. You must use your quotationbook and at meanest two academic sources. You must refer-to sources in APA fashion using in-quotation citations. Creativity is encouraged! Your chart does not own to be exact ebon and pure. Subjoined your chart, you conquer comprise a 2 page paper, clear-uping your chart further abundantly and go into further particular touching the differences in these subcultures, as courteous as an exposition of manful and femanful inmates. Using your sources, and the quotation, clear-up what makes these cultures so irrelative. APA Headings after a while the indelicate areas of the chart must be comprised. The intimation and address page do not number towards the two-page modification, nor does the chart.