Please unravel the aftercited instance scenario lowerneath. You get be using these facts to acceptance questions lowerneath.  At 10:00 am on May 11th, 2013, First Lieutenant (LT) Susan Smith and Captain (CPT) Pamela Boyd, were married in the King County Courthouse in Seattle, Washington. On November 6, 2012, Washington became the tenth legalization in the United States for same-sex aliens to legally link.  LT Smith and CPT Boyd were, at the duration, twain stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McCord. In habiliments at the nuptials in the Courthouse were LT Smith’s dowager and sister, CPT Boyd’s senior, step-mother, and step-brother and Colonel (COL) Lopez and Captain (CPT) Henderson, friends of the alien. The rite ended at 10:30 am and the cluster walked out Courthouse using the Jefferson Street debouchure.  That morning members of the National Organization for Nuptials (NOM) were collected in City Hall Park, a trivial modish close owned by the City of Seattle. City Hall Close is located athwart the street from the King County Courthouse on Jefferson Street. The point of this gathering was to affirm opposite the nuptials of Smith and Boyd. In correspondence after a while City of Seattle Ordinances, the NOM cluster obtained the right Special Event Permit to arrest a gathering/ illusion in a City Close and they obeyed police instructions.  Seventy five community were demonstrating by arresting up signs and using megaphones to specify their notice. The signs and parole notices balance the megaphone intervening “God’s Marriage, One Man + One Woman”, “Gay nuptials is evil”, “America is Doomed”, “Lesbians get go to hell”, “Military Dykes Die!” It wasn’t until Smith and Boyd debouchureed the Courthouse after a while their friends and extraction, they saw the signs and heard the notices of the demonstrators athwart the street in City Hall Park. The demonstrators did not hire in straightforward colloquy after a while any individual from the nuptials border, including CPT Boyd and LT Smith. COL Lopez and CPT Henderson were so overthrow and furious by these notices that they ran athwart the street and launched surpassing the demonstrators. Initially they could not be controlled by the police and continued to surpass on two of the demonstrators for a epoch of almost five minutes resulting in the release of one affirmor and weighty summarily waste to another.  The police arrested numerous of the affirmers for nonperformance of reconciliation and they arrested Lopez and Henderson for onset, battery and immolate. Please acceptance the aftercited questions: 1. According to the Supreme Seek instance law, does the fighting articulation creed dedicate in this instance?  Why or why not? 2. Is the oration of NOM defended oration lower the First Amendment? Why or why not? What instance law would you rely upon?  3. If your last designate begins after a while A - M, represent CPT Boyd and LT Smith, how get you establish that the First Amendment did not save NOM's oration? What re-course does CAPT Boyd and LT Smith have in the seek of law?