Evaluating Monitoring Programs   Discussion Part I While sharp a monitoring pur-pose for your program or cunning, if you  discovered that unanalogous techniques for monitoring the implementation  of the program or cunning manufactured dashing results, how would you  reach an telling monitoring pur-pose? Consider that the study postulates monitoring technique suggests  that, on middle, staff members bestow 1 hour per week on education  life-skills to clients as the program prepared, but the utility proceedings  postulates monitoring technique suggests that staff bestows 15 minutes on  middle education life-skills to clients, opposing the program’s  intentions. What do you reflect could totality for the dissonance betwixt  unanalogous monitoring techniques? Discussion Part II Among the unanalogous studyal postulates assemblage  techniques—narrative, postulates, and structured rating intrigue, which  technique do you meditate to be the strongest approximation? Which technique  do you reflect is the weakest? Explain your rationale. Is it judicious to join two or past studyal postulates assemblage  techniques? Are there any advantages to combining techniques? Are there  any disadvantages to combining techniques? Discuss. Cite any sources using APA format on a disconnected page.