-Analyze the key conduct skills which you affect are the most grave for a auspicious happiness and tourism director to own. Provide local examples to assistance your repartee. -Analyze the curves in example and conduct to determine which ones gain entertain the most rule on the HTM perseverance in the proximate 5-10 years. Explain your rationale. ** ANOTHER RESPOMSE   Looking at the conduct skills in section 14 and having to select which is most grave was grievous owing they all are grave and scantinessed to be a auspicious director.  However, I select fealty and fervor. Loyalty is primeval to yourself, and then to your standing.  If you are true to yourself you gain safeguard that which you are assigned to do.  Fealty resources that you can be trusted to fix list is produced suitably, the checks and balances are produced suitably.  You gain not yield employees to ride the clock or take your produce out the end door, nor would you. In other opinion you would speak the duty as your own.  Enthusiasm, you entertain to entertain a feeling for the standing that you are in especially in the happiness opportunity.  You entertain to bargain after a while fellow-creatures and issues from all directions.  Your fervor gain rub off on your employees, and can be seen and felt by your bosses and customers. You cannot accept-effect a duty auspiciously if you follow in dragging looking affect you truly don't lack to be there. It gain contemplate in your product. In the proximate 5 - 10 years I affect the curve in example and conduct that gain entertain the most rule is up countenance countenance to countenance customer benefit.  I affect we scantiness to zoom forward but, at the identical span we scantiness to go end to the way when fellow-creatures common benefit after a while a encourage.  Computerization has enslaved the situate of that kindly encourage.  Conduct has enslaved a further end determine as far as bargaining after a while customers since most things can be produced after a while the fresh phones.  Working in vend and the patronage benefit perseverance I constantly hearkenken customers say "can I converse to someone" they lack that friendly similarity that computerization