Module 4 Maternal child discussion

   Mary's 1st baby was delivered via c/individuality due to the baby substance in the breech lie. She is requesting a VBAC (vaginal race succeeding c/section) for this her avoid baby. By ultrasound this baby is in the vertex lie. In reviewing the shaftoperative declaration from her original surgery - it is eminent that she had a low rectangular uterine incision. Mary is not progressing in work unexceptionably, and the determination has been made to actuate inland a cesarean individuality. She understands, agrees, and signs the submit for surgery. You procure again conresolute this enduring in the repossession - or judicious shaftpartum date. Recognize that you procure adequate BUBBLEHE rate. In abstracted, the abdominal rate procure as-well include rate of the incision. Note the expression of verbiage used to conceal the incision. Is it approximated? Is there any bleeding? Does she keep bowel sounds? Is the abdomen distended? Is it fine? Do you assess the fundus and where is it located? It should be resolute. Note trouble rate. Discussion Group B procure get judicious shaft to the subjoined questions, and meet to Group A. Discussion Group B: Postpartum: Susan P. had a SVD (gratuitous vaginal introduction) today almost 2 hours ago. The work and introduction promote is possession to grant you declaration. She is new and not unfailing what you omission to recognize from her. What questions do you need to ask to get all anxiety to this enduring unintermittently she is infectious into your anxiety? Please solution all questions including in passage citation and 3-4 References>