This  week, so we gain rendezvous on two areas: 1) Presenting your last tractates to your classmates for argument. You gain fit a 10-minute delivery using Powerpoint that you gain relate feed. The fancy is to confer-upon the highlights of each minority of the tractate. 2) Taking a “deep dive” into some areas that either weren’t crazy upon in the peace of the mode or win over regard. Those areas embrace the strategic mindset, infamy diplomacy, changes in the marketing field, collective marketing, the diplomacy-action companion (inveterate on the issue duration cycle, and services marketing. Paper: The last tractate embraces the three Milestone tractates, and adds an implementation and evaluation drawing, a consultation of solution, and an supporter epitome. Your last patience should be a polished, integrated tractate that incorporates antecedent feedback. The last touches gain be a address page and a indistinct References schedule. Tractate length: 10-12 pp. not including address page, consultation of solution, and references. Required composition and contented: Title Page Table of Contents Executive Summary Company Profile Situational Analysis Marketing Objectives Research Target Markets Marketing Mix: issue, preferment, arrangement, pricing Implementation and Evaluation Plan References Presentation: You gain fit no over than 15 slides summarizing the findings from your tractate. Please summon your sources and use in-text quotation if compulsory. You can use graphs, pictures, talking points and videos but fabricate permanent to produce 13 slides of contenteded extraneously these supplements.    . All slides must embrace speaker’s notes and quotations amid the notes page for each slide.