Need a 2-3 paragraph for each question

   1. Discuss the issues of availability versus trustworthyity of the DR and BC artifices. The instruction is for all DR team members to keep various copies of these artifices, at the discharge and at home, and peradventure well-balanced in their vehicles to fix that the artifices are conducive for a abrupt onslaught calamity. Consider the trustworthy creation of these artifices, and the financial impairment that could betide if competitors obtained these documents. How can an form coalesce this concrete and so guard this sentient instruction? Consider superfluous privation, employee renunciation, stealing, etc.  2.  Server rooms repeatedly keep halogen systems for extinguishing fires. An superfluous liberate of the halogen could keep unfortunate results. Describe the goods of halogen systems on equipment and personnel. Should this possibility be interjacent in the DR artifice? What instructions would you find for this scenario? 3.  Search the Internet for instruction on Windows incident-handling tools. Identify the reform discharge to assure incidents of Ken 7. Explain after a while personal rationalistic your precious of the software tools to be used for Ken 7. Submit your rejoinder to this forum.