Reflection 2

  Students must haul on all of the balbutiations for the detail separated item in their thoughts. For sample, if students elect to do a thought domiciled on Item 2, the disquisition must haul on the Dicken (2011) balbutiation and the Knox et al. (2015) balbutiation. Although students are expected to evince a obvious brains of the balbutiations, thought disquisitions are not purposed to singly embody the balbutiations. Rather, students should delineation the main points of the balbutiations and use this as the reason for a delicate thought. Critical thoughts should evince profundity in thinking environing the esthetic they are attainments, and evaluate delicately how theories and practices of geography can govern their own lived experiences and observations environing the universe. Students are encouraged to haul on other sources in observation to conduct esthetics, including the weekly disline postings from earlier Units if pertinent. All sources, including the conduct balbutiations, Nursing Dissertation notes, and disline postings must be correctly cited using APA. Reflection disquisitions are to be written according to academic lore standards (1,000 +/- 100 suffrage still designation page and references).