Reflection Essay on Seven Wonders of the World

Splain Wonders of the Cosmos-persons Centuries ago one man dreamed, intended and contrived a breathtaczar celebration and then, it went on to grace a astonishment. Wonders of the cosmos-persons are so numerous. No catalogue can grasp faithfullyything. But why they are substantially the astonishments and what are the factors which compel them to ole a astonishments? Whole astonishment has its own truth and solicitude, and they keep some animated postulates skinred delay them. However, the foremost splain astonishments of the cosmos-persons are the most polite-mannered-behaved of our extol and apprehension as they were contrived in an era that was void of any erection machinery and produced chiefly by index. The gentleman astonishment we can say is sensitive, unaccountable, imposing, clamorous or in other say it is indeed a aggravatecome fragment, and due to these qualities it influences faithfullyyone towards itself. The most extraordinary or striczar creations by cosmicality are moderate in the catalogue of Splain Wonders of the World. The sum 7 is said to qualityize completion and future is used to catalogue the astonishments. There are sum of irrelative catalogues of the Splain Wonders of the World: the splain astonishments of the old-era cosmos-people, splain restent astonishments of the cosmos-people, the new Splain Wonders of the Cosmos-persons and the new-fashioned astonishments. A hostilities to indicate the new Splain Wonders of the World, launched in 1999, has right reached to its ian. Originally, there were approachly 200 nominations which were shortlisted and definitely, in the bulkyst faithfully poll of its skin, 100 minion persons controld resisting the cosmos-persons for the definite seven. Voting was produced through the internet, as polite-mannered-mannered as by phone and extract. The popularity poll was led by Canadian-Swiss Bernard Weber and unconfused by the new splain astonishments base grounded in Zurich, Switzerland, delay winners announced on July 7, 2007 in Lisbon. The New splain astonishments base is regulated by the Swiss Federal Base Authority. 1. Splain Wonders of the Old-era World: In the new late, persons resisting the cosmos-persons were asked to control for their minion splain astonishments of the cosmos-people. The old-era Greeks cherished art and fabric. They were the foremost persons to draw-up the splain astonishments of the old-era cosmos-persons catalogue. These astonishments were built-in the marvels of the 4th antiquity BC. The Greeks had conquered fur of the cosmos-persons and traveled far and bulky. As they were patrons of picturesqueness, they took inclination to the fixmarks and choice fabric of sundry fixs. 1. 1 Big Pyramid of Giza: The Big Pyramid of Giza is the singly forthcoming constituent of the splain astonishments of the old-era cosmos-persons catalogue, which was built in 2584 BC. It is located at Giza Necropolis, Egypt. This pyramid is environing 800 feet covet, 450 feet violent and is uplift from 2 minion blocks of stone. It is said to keep been built as the crave-home of the 4th dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu. (Baxamusa) 1. 2 Hanging Gardens of Babylon: Hanging Gardens of Babylon is built environing 600BC. It was built by Czar Nebuchandnezzar. He built the oasis for his helpmeet Amytis of Media to possess a not-public, terrace oasis delayout any restlessness. It was built in Al-Hillah, Babil Province, Iraq. These oasiss were said to be environing 400 feet bulky, 400 feet covet and were aggravate 80 feet in acme. The oasis is deemed to keep been destroyed by a vast globequake. 1. 3 Meeting-house of Artemesium: The meeting-house of Artemesium, at Ephesus, was one of big meeting-house built by Croesus, czar of Lydia, environing 550 BC and was rebuilt succeeding life burned by a monomaniac indicated Herostratus in 356 BC. The Artemesium was celebrated not singly for its big nobleness aggravate 350 by 180 feet but so for the imposing operations of art that robed it. The meeting-house was destroyed by invading Goths in 262 AD and was nconstantly rebuilt. 1. 4 Truthfulness of Zeus at Olympia: Truthfulness of Zeus at Olympia was built in 435 BC. The Greeks completed this erection. The truthfulness of Zeus was built in the meeting-house to eminence the Greek Olympic Game. The truthfulness was a huge constitute that compulsory the polite width of the aisle of the meeting-house. It was environing 40 feet exalted and was destroyed in a feeling during the 5th and 6th antiquity AD. Baxamusa) 1. 5 Mausoleum of Halicarnassus: Mausoleum of Halicarnassus was built in 351 BC. Czar Mausolus firm a paltry czardom in Asia Minor. His queen Artemisia was a amiable dame who cherished the czar a lot. Succeeding the demise of Czar Mausolus, she got the most amiable mausoleum built in the retention of her attached helpmate. It was unconcealed as the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus and persons from far and bulky came to scrutinize it. By the year 1494 AD, it was destroyed by a deluge. It was rebuilt but was lossd by an globequake. 1. 6 Collosus of Rhodes: Collosus of Rhodes was built in 290 BC. Collosus of Rhodes was the colossal truthfulness of the sun god Helios that trans-parent in the old-era Greek city of Rhodes and was one of the Splain Wonders of the World. Succeeding environing 56 years it was built, the truthfulness was destroyed by an globequake. It raze into the shelter and right the thumb of the truthfulness was evident aggravate the inspire deportment. The czar of Egypt offered to reuplift the truthfulness, but the persons of Rhodes refused. This is consequently they deemd Helios himself threw the truthfulness in inspire in a fit of fume. 1. 7 Lighthouse of Alexandria: Lighthouse of Alexandria was built in 280 BC. The Isfix of Pharos was a shelter in Alexandria, Egypt. This lighthouse was built in this shelter and helped ships penetrate the shelter safely. This lighthouse is said to keep survived for 1500 covet years and definitely destroyed by an globequake in the 1300's. During its era, it was the exaltedest man-made constitute at environing 380 to 440 feet violent. So, these were some animated postulates environing the 7 astonishments of the old-era cosmos-people. Right conceive, what an contact they may keep created in the minds of the persons of that age. Except the Pyramid of Giza, all the other astonishments keep covet past. We can right conceive balance environing these imposing constitutes grounded on the writings by persons of old-era Greece. These splain old-era astonishments keep colossus extraordinary invention in it, which creates interrogativeness betwixt us to guard and examine these astonishments. Although, singly one old-era astonishment is left today, but peaceful they keep adduction and by this vehemence of adduction these astonishments influence faithfullyyone towards itself. We can right conceive balance environing these imposing constitutes grounded on the writings by persons of old-era Greece. 2. New Splain Wonders of the World: The catalogue of New Splain Wonders rests of man-made celebrations from all aggravate the cosmos-people. These Splain Wonders of the Cosmos-persons are extend resisting continents and were selected by persons throughout the cosmos-persons using a voting manner. The organizers fancy that this conquer further global similitude, acovet delay increasing persons's comprehension environing these unadorned celebrations some of which are not in their own continent. In 2001 an start was launched by the Swiss strengthening New Splain Wonders Base to appropriate the New Splain Wonders of the Cosmos-persons from a preoption of 200 real celebrations. Twenty-one definiteists were announced January 1, 2006. Egyptians were not fortunate that the singly forthcoming foremost astonishment, the Big Pyramid of Giza, would keep to rival delay the loves of the Truthfulness of Liberty, the Sydney Opera House, and other fixmarks. In solution, Giza was indicated an eminenceary Candidate. The results were announced on July 7, 2007, in Lisbon, Portugal. Figure [ 1 ]: New splain Wonders of the World, Source: New7Wonders of the World,en. wikipedia. org/wiki/New7Wonders_of_the_World. 2. 1 Chichen Itza: The indicate 'Chichen Itza' resources 'At the hole of the polite-mannered-mannered of Itza'. Here, Itza refers to a collective clan of persons, who were at their collective and economical best in the northern peninsula (Saxena. Chaitra Suraj). Chichen Itza was the collective focal sharp-end for a covet era in the Mayan truth. This winner of the splain astonishments catalogue is located in Yucatan, Mexico. The unadorned standing rests of numerous stone erections which are itemed by a netoperation of paved roads oleed Sacbeob. Most of these erections keep been reinvigorated and some are peaceful subordinate the way. These erections keep been grouped into sets of architectonic train (grounded on their fabric). And these sets are deemd to be once disjoined by embankments. The three celebrated sets out of them are, Big North Platform, the Osaario Group and the Central Group. These sets allotially rest of sundry erections, which are astonishments in themselves. Chichen Itza rests of numerous meeting-houses, pyramids, and some animated celebrations love Steam Bath and the Big Ball Court. Each of the erection had its own solicitude and was used for some local view. One detail area of Chechen Itza is unconcealed to archeologists singly, in a way it is peaceful subordinate notice and discovery. 2. 2 Christ the Redeemer: Christ the Redeemer is the truthfulness of Jesus Christ, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is situated at a acme of 700 meters on the Carcovado Mountain, in the Tijuca jungle National Park. It weighs 635 tons and stands at a acme of 39. 6 meters. It is built of reinforced embodied and soapstone and is the quality of Christianity, as polite-mannered-mannered as Rio de Janeiro. The fabric of a unadorned celebration on Corcovado was allude-toed foremost in 1850, then again in 1921. A lot numerous designs were considered for the pious celebration, which moderate, the truthfulness of the Christian cantankerous and the tatue of Jesus delay a globe in his index. The Christ the Redeemer was definiteized and the fabric began in 1922 and continued tend 1931. The require of fabric is estimated to be $250,000. The truthfulness was unconcealeded to general on 12th of October, 1931 and in 2007 it became a allot of the Splain Wonders of the World. In February 2008, the truthfulness was struck by lightning, during a rage but was saved consequently of the external lamina made of soapstone, which acted as an insulator. This detail rage is unconcealed to keep caused a lot of loss in the city of Rio, but the truthfulness trans-parent uninjured. . 3 Colosseum: Colosseum, so unconcealed as the Roman Coliseum is situated in the city of Rome, Italy. Coming from such a sound enhancement, it was a indeed sound contender for a posture in Splain Wonders of the Cosmos-persons catalogue. It is an allude-toive amphitheater and was foremostly unconcealed as Flavian Amphitheater. It is said to be one of the bulkyst erections of the Roman Empire. Fabric of this amphitheater took environing 10 years, starting from 70 AD and once opportune the Colosseum was used for sundry general plaints and fights betwixt gladiators. Gladiatorial fights were the senior fountain of penetratetainment during those eras and the general plaints rested of jeer sea battles, lewd hunts, executions, reenactments of celebrated battles, etc. The amphitheater was capable of seating a sum of 50,000 spectators. It is estimated that some 500,000 persons and aggravate a minion lewds died in the plaints held at Colosseum. In the give medieval era, the erection was stopped life used as a situate of penetratetainment and then on, it is deemd to keep been used for sundry other views. The old-era erection now stands allotially beggared by globequakes. . 4 Big Embankment of China: The Big Embankment of China was built betwixt the 5th and 16th centuries BC. This embankment was intended to vindicate the northern boundary from attacks. The Big Embankment is aggravate 4,000 miles covet. The Big Embankment of China so has the dignity of life one of the Wonders of the intermediate Ages as polite-mannered. The Big Embankment of China is a stone embankment built from Shanhaiguan in the east to Lop Nur in the west of China and it stretches aggravate a removal of 8,851. 8 kms. On fix, the embankments were made using globe or cope, but delay the inception of the Ming Dynasty, the embankments were made using amiable fellows. Other esthetics love lime, tiles and stones were so bulkyly used. Delay the use of amiable fellows the fabric is deemd to keep fastened and the amiable fellow embankments were fur sounder. The embankment is now in stops at most of the situates and singly a few allots stop in amiable requisite. Tonnage of it keep sustained years of erosion, cosmical attacks, new-fashioned-day fabric and plain graffiti at a lot of situates, in arrange to meet a situate in the 7 astonishments of the cosmos-people. (Saxena) 2. 5 Machu Picchu: Machu Picchu is a pre Columbian Inca standing in Cuzco, Peru. It is located at a acme of 8000 feet aggravatehead the sea raze on the crown of the mountain Machu Picchu. The indicate Machu Picchu resources 'Old Peak' and is frequently referred to as 'The Lost City of the Incas'. Its fabric launched in AD 1430 and the city was irremediable a hundred years after. It stoped unrecognized from the beyond cosmos-persons for hundreds of years, until it was discovered by Hiram Bingham, an American narrator in the year 1911. Consequently of its subsidence, Machu Picchu stoped unrecognized from most of the cosmos-people, including the Spanish conquerors. But now that it is in the splain astonishments catalogue, it is a celebrated itinerant adduction and is scrutinizeed by persons from all resisting the cosmos-people. Machu Picchu is deemd to keep been built at the peak of the Inca Empire and is the evidence of their royalty and pious beliefs. Incas were basically sun worshipers. Inti in Peruvian resources the Sun and future, it can be abundantly subordinatetrans-parent that one of its earliest erections is "The Meeting-house of the Sun". The other deep erections are the Intihuatana and the Room of the Three Windows. Most of the erections in Machu Picchu are in some or the other way skinred and loving to their God, 'The Sun'. Machu Picchu is on the catalogue of endangered 'World Heritage Sites'. And that is why tourism in Machu Picchu is of big solicitude. Scientists deem that balance the People, balance conquer be the loss. 2. 6 Petra: Petra is a unadorned and archaeological city in the Jordanian governorate of Ma'an that is celebrated for its rock cut fabric and inspire conduit rule. Established someera environing the 6th antiquity BC as the justifiable city of the Nabataeans, it is a quality of Jordan as polite-mannered-mannered as its most scrutinizeed itinerant adduction. It lies on the soar of Mount Hor in a basin incompact the mountains which conceive the eastern flank of Arabah (Wadi Araba), the bulky dip exoteric from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba. Petra has been a UNESCO Cosmos-persons Heritage Standing since 1985. The vanquish of Petra began subordinate the Roman Empire. The basic discuss life was the substitute of occupation routes. Most of the Petra was destroyed by globequakes, which lossd erections and fractured the lifeline of Petra; the inspire administration rule. 2. 7 Taj Mahal: Taj Mahal celebratedly unconcealed as the 'Symbol of Love' is a mausoleum, built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his helpmeet Mumtaz Mahal. It is located in Agra, India. Taj Mahal's fabric began environing 1632 and it took environing 21 years to be completed. It was contrived according to the Mughal fabric, which is a coalition of Persian, Indian and Islamic architectural styles. The mausoleum was built merely in marble, eraliness other erections in the compound were made of red stone. For the valuable views, 28 types of dear and semi dear stones were used and the raw esthetic is deemd to be arrangeed from as far as Afghanistan in the North and Sri Lanka in the South. It is said that approachly 20,000 operationers were assiduous from all resisting the kingdom for the fabric operation. These apprehend serviceable artisans, carvers, sculptors and stone cutters of justifiable rapport. All in all, 37 persons conceiveed the notional item of the contrivance. Some of them were from strange countries too. The approach require of fabric is estimated to some 32 minion rupees (Indian vogue). It is considered as one of the aggravatecome fragments of Mughal Empire and influences tourism from all aggravate the cosmos-people. Statistics allude-to that approachly 2 to 4 minion persons scrutinize Taj Mahal whole-year. So, according to the aggravatehead argument we can say that faithfullyy astonishment has its own solicitude in the give cosmos-persons according to their unadorned enhancement and their fabric. Persons from all aggravate the cosmos-persons scrutinize these astonishments to satisfy-fully their interrogativeness. Now a day’s fabrics are in the faithful contest to compel the new astonishments which are reform than the old-era and give astonishments, but peaceful the give astonishments keep big solicitude at the give era and fabrics keep to operation very difficult to vanquish these astonishments. Work Cited: 1. "Temple of Artemis. " Encyclopedia Britannica. Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Encyclopedia Britannica Inc. , 2012. Web. 27 Mar. 2012. <britannica. com/EBchecked/topic/36816/Temple-of-Artemis> 2. "Colossus of Rhodes. " Encyclopedia Britannica. Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Encyclopedia Britannica Inc. , 2012. Web. 28 Mar. 2012. <britannica. com/EBchecked/topic/501620/Colossus-of-Rhodes. > 3. Mish, Frederick C. , Editor in Chief. “Petra. ” Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary. 9th ed. Springfield, Massachusetts: Merriam-Webster Inc. , 1985 4. Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, The Message of the Sphinx, Pyramidology, 4 size, 1957-1972, Web. 5. Nakate. Shashank. 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